” A woman’s rite of passage into motherhood needs to be honoured-  her being, body, soul, energy. Because when a baby is born a mother is too.”

Chantel Kismet

It’s an ancient Mayan postpartum healing ritual. It was created to honor and nurture the new mother after her passage through giving birth and her journey into motherhood.

In many cultures this is traditionally used and gifted to the new mother. The knowledge would be passed down from one generation to the other. They say it takes a village to raise a child and that is because in many cultures the village would look after the new mother with nutritious meals, massage, herbs, so the new mother could rest and recover as much as she could after the passage of giving birth. These cultures have a profound understanding of the importance of this for the new mother, so she can regain her strength and energy.

This practice would guide her physically to bring back her bones into place, to stimulate flow, to hold her emotionally and to honor her elf, body and womb for these two lives she has birthed.

Through gentle abdomen and womb massage we nurture all these parts of her body that expanded so much during pregnancy. We use rocking to shift energy and enhance postpartum healing, so we can assist the mother into this transition. We finish this beautiful ceremony with rebozo ( Mexican shawls) where we gently stretch and then swaddle the mother into a cocoon, so she can be sent back and connected into her womb portal to honor this rebirth of herself and her own birth.

When a woman births herself as a mother, it takes a lot of integration and griefing the old self, so the new mother needs as much love, care and attention as the baby does.

This is a simple and profound honoring and acknowledgement of the rite of passage from maiden to mother. One that sadly has been lost in the Western world and we have lost touch with for many years. We are only now re-learning it again. We need to bring back the importance of the Sacred Window ( first 42 days postpartum) and this ancient ceremony for the mother. The best gift a mother can receive to close the postpartum passage is this ceremony.

Closing the Bones and the postnatal recovery massage benefit a woman’s mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. A happy and well looked after mother = a happy family and home.

Through Womb Healing Massage we offered this beautiful ritual at the end of your treatment.  Feel free next time you come in to ask more information.

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