Nutritional Medicine

Nutrition is the science of food and how the nutrients contained in food function within the body. Nutritional medicine, as a complementary therapy, is based on a holistic approach that uses food in the prevention and treatment of many ailments and can be used to bring balance to both chronic and acute health states.

Nutrients contained in food and the role that they play within the body, both individually and synergistically, have been heavily researched and are backed by evidence based practice which continues to validate the instrumental role that nutrition plays in heath spanning the entire lifecycle from preconception right through to the aged population.

Using food to support good health is nothing new. Food has been used for medicinal purposes for many thousands of years and continues to be used to prevent and treat a wide range of diseases including digestive disorders, weight imbalance, skin conditions, mood disorders, hormonal imbalance, autoimmune disorders, sleep disturbances and many other chronic conditions.

A nutritionist treats the person as a whole, with a focus on treating the cause of the dis-ease with a thorough consultation and research into the patient’s current and past medical state. A nutritionist will work with you to bring balance to all of the body’s systems and identify any triggers that may be causing the symptoms and discomfort.

Nutritionists have access to pathology and functional testing which help to identify inflammation and disease and understand causative factors of the presenting complaint of the patient. In conjunction with a comprehensive meal plan, a nutritionist can provide recommendations on lifestyle modifications and prescribe nutritional supplements where necessary to assist in the treatment and healing of their patients.

“Let your food be your medicine and let your medicine be your food” – Hippocrates

Belle Oneile