Balance is a word we hear often in clinic as something most people are striving for, working towards or needing more of in their lives. In Chinese medicine we look at the yin and the yang, the lightness and the dark, or the masculine and feminine.

It is a delicate dance to achieve balance and it takes mindfulness and practice.

Quite often, we become more dominant in the masculine as this represents the “doing” and “holding”, the Yang energy.

When we look at finding the balance of the yin and Yang within relationships, we see the dance of the masculine and feminine.

When both partners are in their masculine, the energy can become quite combative as it doesn’t allow for softness which represents the feminine energy.

The feminine is about receiving, nurture, mothering, softness and it allows for vulnerability which we so often avoid.

The practice is in allowing ourselves to bring both the feminine and masculine into relationship with ourself and in relationship with others. Allowing the Yang fire energy with the yin water energy. The yin is essential to flow with life so receiving in this feminine energy helps us to achieve this balance.

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