When we understand our stories and how we respond, we can then find comfort, connection and safety in both ourselves and the relationships around us. Combining a number of counselling techniques, we work to uncover your story. When we can understand how we respond to the World based on the belief systems that we’ve adopted, and our past experiences we are working to recreate or avoid, we then have a choice on how we respond to life and others. A lack of understanding shows up in anxiety, conflict, avoidance, and low feelings of self-worth.

I have found when we work with both the mind and body, we can find safety and help to heal our nervous system which governs our fight or flight survival response. I work with both the body and the mind in counselling sessions to uncover areas that feel stuck or in dis-ease, and look at unhelpful patterns that continue to trigger us. We find safety in your body, which releases us from feeling stuck in automatic patterns and conditioned responses.

I use a combination of traditional psychotherapy including CBT, Solution Focused Therapy, and ACT. I also bring in training from other modalities including EFT & TFT tapping, Inner Child Work, Hypnotherapy, Quantum Healing and Coaching, Mindfulness and Meditation Practices.

Cate Lewis