Kinesiology is a safe and natural form of (muscle) testing used to effectively glean information about the energy systems of the body – examples include the endocrine system, nervous systems, blood and the subtle energy system of the meridians.

Kinesiologists perceive the body as a multidimensional and holistic creation.  The concept of the “Triangle of Health” sums up this philosophy.  It presents human beings as existing, (in addition to Spirit), in structural, chemical and mental/emotional dimensions.  An equilateral triangle where the sides are in balance represent a state of optimal life-force and health.  Thankfully the body is wonderfully adaptive and compensates in order to survive in this world of challenge.

Using the art of “muscle monitoring” (or muscle testing/checking) – (typically the therapist uses an arm or a leg), the kinesiologist is able to “intercept” the communication between the body and the central nervous system.  When monitoring an indicator muscle it is relevant or contextual to a specific aspect of a client’s life.  With this in mind, the kinesiologist will be able to ask relevant questions and monitor muscle responses.

These responses are believed to be initiated by the super conscience or intuitive mind.  Muscle testing therefore gives us information relating to imbalances anywhere within the energy fields of the client, for example physical/structural, chemical or nutritional and mental/emotional sides of the Triangle of Health.  These results and/or responses will be even more effective when the testing is given context.  This is called goal setting and is clarified prior to the balance.  Other ways to give context to the muscle testing is to measure pain/discomfort/energy on an analogue scale which is then reassessed after the balance.

The concept behind Kinesiology then, is that the body at a deeply unconscious level, knows exactly what it needs in order to re-establish an equilibrium.  With the view then of the body as a holistic creation, muscle testing can then be used as an effective tool in allowing us to explore and harmonise these dimensions.
Grounded in the science of Western medicine and Eastern philosophy the information gathered during the session will guide both the client and the kinesiologist on a  journey of healing and inner balance.  This muscle testing will reveal how the effects of your feelings, thoughts, emotions or preconceived ideas cannot be separated from body functions, health, dis-ease or any other life experiences for that matter.

Outcomes using a goal or context can determine the priority methods of balancing.  Some of the positive outcomes that many people have experienced include:

  • Improved posture by balancing the muscles of the body
  • Identification of “sensitive foods”
  • Enhanced learning abilities
  • Physical and mental/emotional pain management
  • Neural organisation and co-ordination

Measuring ability before the balance allows the client to appreciate changes when current ability, and any other assessments that have been made, are reassessed after the balance.

Put simply – Kinesiology is a communication tool – a wonderfully simple and effective communication tool.  With your permission “to test-drive” this process we can gently and purposefully weed out what’s no longer working for you. This allows us to dig deep and begin again – with a ‘clean slate’, so to speak.

The benefit of this reprogramming allows you to lay to rest any old belief systems that are perhaps holding you back from your dreams and desires.  Reprogramming old belief systems that no longer serve your highest potential puts you BACK in the driver’s seat and ultimately back into being congruent with your goals and core desires.

Cate Lewis