Inflammation, triggered by our immune system, is crucial to fight infections. What is becoming more present is inflammation in over drive. Excessive chronic inflammation is a key factor behind many diseases and health issues seen today.

Explained simply, excessive inflammation in Chinese Medicine can be seen as ‘heat’. There are many ways your practitioner may treat patterns of heat or chronic inflammation and may use a couple of tools to help their clients get the best outcomes. Acupuncture alone has been shown to have an anti-inflammatory effect. The reported anti-inflammatory effects of acupuncture include an antihistamine action and down regulation of pro-inflammatory cytokines. Pro-inflammatory cytokines are involved in the process of pathological pain, so down regulating this mechanism should have a positive outcome on the management of pain and inflammation.

Along with Acupuncture, there are many simple mind-body techniques that have also been shown to reduce inflammation such as breathing and meditation and other techniques that reduce stress and help to regulate the nervous system.

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