As we age our skin cells turn over rate slows down which increases signs of ageing but there are secrets for ageing gracefully which I would love to share with you today!
As a Traditional Chinese medicine practitioner we are trained to recognise that the health of our skin is related to the quality of our blood. It will also be impacted by internal imbalances such as excess heat, dryness or damp accumulation. Stress and emotional imbalances will also impact the shape and appearance of the face as well as where lines start to show up.
Taking a wholistic approach to facial rejuvenation is checking for and addressing the roost cause of:
-How stress is impacting the tension in your face and how you hold certain expressions or are clenching your jaw. How can we encourage the nervous system to relax more?
-If you have a red skin tone or pimples what is creating the inflammation? Can you modify your diet to improve this?
– If you have dull or dry skin – why is it not getting nourished?
After the full picture is painted for the practitioners a acupuncture treatment can be administered to help improve the imbalances that are presented then extra needles and facial massage techniques are applied around the face to stimulate blood and qi which in turn softens lines, improves skin tone and reduces puffiness. So, when you come and get a facial rejuvenation acupuncture treatment don’t expect the face to be the only part of your body that’s treated!
You will also get a mini Gua Sha ( facial massage tutorial) so you can keep working on getting the benefits at home between acupuncture treatments.
As a guide for the number of treatments needed, its suggested to come in once a week for the duration of 1 skin cycle. As a rough guide for someone who is 30 they will have a 30 day skin cycle and this increases with age ( eg.60 year old person has a 60 day skin cycle).
So if you looking for a non invasive, natural way to boost your skins appearance and overall vitality give cosmetic acupuncture a try

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