1. Fat- Good quality fat in your diet does not make you fat. A long-term high fibre, higher fat and lower carbohydrate diet will have a positive influence on fat loss outcomes. This will have a positive effect on blood sugar control and lipid profile, unlike a low-fat diet.

2. Optimal gut health- We have trillions of microbes in our gut and they can be health promoting or health reducing. They are particularly important and responsible for many things such as moderating inflammation, regulating our immune system and certain hormones. They play a role in fat storage, hunger and digestion, some studies show that these microbes can influence your glycaemic response to food and even our susceptibility to carry extra weight. Key to a healthy microbiome is a diet full of variety and diversity.

3. Stress- Stress hormones (adrenalin and cortisol) influence blood sugar control and in turn negatively impact fat burning capacity. In today’s world chronic low-grade stress is not uncommon this can be from work, relationships, lack of sleep or environmental toxins.

4. Exercise – Don’t forget to move your body particularly weight training.

5. Nutritionally dense food-To loss fat we need to use it for energy and there are key nutrients required. Adequate levels of iron, Vitamin D, B12, iodine, selenium and zinc are needed to influence hormone balance and thyroid function.

Loosing weight should be a healthy promoting experience not about starving, counting calorie and eating bland food. There is no magic pill but there is support and guidance from your nutritionist or naturopath. 02 8406 0679

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