Yesterday, I was able to fit into the diary my very own Remedial Massage to treat some injuries I have been harbouring ever since I stopped playing Rugby Union… about 7 years ago. I sincerely enjoyed seeing this therapist. The time and financial investment was greatly positive. After a quick evaluation into whether we were a ‘good fit’, and after gaining insight into my therapists initial understanding of my musculoskeletal constitution (how my muscles, bones and overall physical balance, has been assessed and treated), we agreed to continue the therapy which will assist my 2021 schedule.

I have been self treating these post-sport-40-something-year-old-ailments, through exercise, Internal Martial Arts, and a top of the range Solbasium Massage Gun with moderate success for as long as I can remember. Not taking this approach may have taken me down a much more different path, of higher chances of injury, and/or low energy levels with increased frequency and duration periods of lethargy. Both of these familiar physiology patterns can be readily propped up with at-home products to temporarily give relief, and pharmaceuticals which we know are heavily marketed and saturates the wellness field.

I was sub-par…. I was getting through, but robbing Peter to pay Paul. I was chasing my tail….I knew over the course of the year, I would not grow and learn, and adapt, to meet the achievements I set for myself.. Modestly speaking too…

I would stay idle, and granted, still have those characteristics I enjoy to be, still earn money and live out each day, and still be in an occupation I enjoy……still sleep relatively well, yet not grow and learn, and become the adaptable and resilient human I know I will need going forward. 

To give this context, I’ll share an analogy.

Being in the back seat of life or driving the car! ….

Consider the experiences when you compare listening to fine opera on the radio, with sitting in the audience at the same orchestral performance. 

The former is comfortable, yes…… maybe with a glass of wine, yet the actual experience is a sensory stimulus unmatched. Immersed visually, auditorially, and even felt! The energy when you place your butt on a chair with many others to enjoy the contoured ebbs and flows of refined music… does not compare to the at-home eversion. 

My experience with Natalie, and how she was able to palpate the kinetic chains in my body that have formed to create imbalances to then create injuries (but not yet pain – I am in front of that before it starts!) was akin to another level I want you the reader to really understand. Find yourself an amazing remedial therapist!

I am now self affirming my responsibility to take charge of my health. With the help of Natalie and her experience and professionalism.

Now the analogy that compares a massage to anthoer remedial massage. 

A tree is not a Tree until it bears fruit.

I once was part of a small audience at an opera in a village on Lake Maggiore, Italy. It was free, and it was adorned by locals dressed to the nines! The experience was one where in the midst of the full production, I was frozen soft. That means, so compelled and relaxed, that I did not want to be anywhere else. The sopranos, the baritones, the tenors, which I was later to learn their roles and physical powers of particular projection, all by their joy for their work, made the audiences experience, like my therapist did for me during our hour of massage, one that is a meaningful devotion towards what a great decision is toward a good decision. What life can be like, or what the other life can be like. 

I could not expect the opera would give so much. Nor the same with Natalie. I let go on each occasion, and let go …. To what will be, will be.

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