Inner child work is a beautiful way to heal and reclaim our true essence. The essence of who we truly are, before we were taught to stop being too loud, too quiet, too bold, too much. When we meet with our true essence, we realise the joy and playfulness we all have inately in our being. We have so much love and compassion for that part of ourselves and we can help to soothe the child within that is ultimately crying when we feel triggered as adults. We are essentially re-parenting ourselves which allows us to grow into strong, independent, self-assured versions of our adult self. It’s so empowering to reclaim this strength, compassion and love for ourselves. We can then move through life projecting a love vibration outwards instead of a wounded child which is ultimately the ego we use to protect ourselves. When we can do this, we can recognise this pattern in others and an acceptance of their human self happens. It creates less resistance in our relationships and our protective patterns can be healed. If you’re looking to heal your inner child, book in with Cate via our website.

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