Post-partum hair loss is a very common occurrence amongst women sometime during that first year after giving birth.

But why does it  happen and is it normal?

To put things simply when you are pregnant and breast feeding your body prioritises nourishing and growing your baby. So depending on what state your enter your pregnancy in and also how you manage nourishing and caring for yourself during your pregnancy and early stages of life with a newborn, this will often be reflected in hair loss due to lack of nutrients.

Stress and lack of sleep are also major players in depleting your body of the nutrients it needs for healthy hair growth. 

In Chinese medicine this a very common pattern we see in women postpartum called “ blood deficiency”.

Hair is a major indicator of blood quality in eastern medicine. It is said that hair is said to be an extension of the blood and therefore influenced by the health of the spleen ( pancreas) and kidneys.

Other blood deficiency signs include dry skin and nails, constipation, anxiety and problems sleeping.

The herbs and foods prescribed primarily focus on nourishing the spleen and kidneys to help with hair loss include things such as different types of seaweed, nettles and wheat grass, red dates, goji berries, as well as meat, eggs and root vegetables and rice.

If you are reading this and already experiencing postpartum hair loss, trying to start prioritising self care, rest, and eating well can certainly help but the best thing you can do before even thinking about trying to fall pregnant is to make sure all your nutrient stores are replenished so you have enough to share with your baby and keep you going too!

This is also one of the many reasons we encourage our patients to go and request a blood test from their GP to check where they are at before even trying for a baby so any deficiencies can be addresses prior to conception.

Acupuncture and herbal medicine is a wonderful tool to help build blood and nourish a women at any stage of life but if your planning on having a baby we recommend you come to see us at least 3 months  before so we can set you on the right path to give you the best chances of starting your journey into parenthood on try right foot and with luscious locks.

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