1. Chinese Medicines are naturally derived, rather than synthetically derived.
  2. Just like all pharmaceuticals, in order to get the right therapeutic dose you need to take them consistently and at the exact dose your practitioner has prescribed. Herbs can be potent, but you’re doing an injustice to your health (and your wallet) if you’re not being consistent.
  3. Herbal formulas can be used to help manage all kinds of things from acute conditions such as stress, sleep, cold and flu, to chronic conditions such as fertility issues, inflammation, or arthritis.
  4. Herbs work synergistically to create an overarching effect & each herb’s dosing has a therapeutic window. More isn’t more! Sometimes dosing at a lower or moderate range is more appropriate for what your body is able to tolerate and absorb at that  particular time.
  5. Chinese Herbal Medicine is now a $130 billion global industry and it’s easy to find supplements, but don’t find a herb/formula off the internet just because you’ve heard it’s got beneficial properties. Hear me out; while there are some over-the-counter options that are absolutely fine to use, everyone’s system’s work differently. Whilst a herb might be broadly beneficial, it doesn’t mean it’s best suited to your specific needs and you might need a tailored formula in order to see results. For example, we wouldn’t prescribe particular tonifying herbs that help with energy levels while you’re unwell as it may also amplify your cold/flu symptoms! Seeing a herbalist also means they’re also checking for any possible interactions and fine tuning it to your needs.
  6. Herbs prescribed in Australia are all TGA approved and have to be prescribed by a professional. They are held to the highest standards for testing and purity. Herbs don’t all come from China but climate is very important, so there are specific agricultural conditions required for particular medicinal herbs. In fact, there’s such a high demand for supplying medicinal herbs that the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture has started a decade-long research project to establish whether they can grow medicinal crops such as ginseng!

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