Facial rejuvenation treatments have been offered by TCM practitioners for many years but it has been only recently that it’s started to become more widely known in Australia.
The transformations can be remarkable as we are working on balancing the internal organs which impact what you see on the outside as well as use techniques locally on the face to improve the appearance and health of the skin and the facial structure.
In a session we use Acupuncture and specialised massage techniques (such as Gua Sha)  to help:
-release tension in face
-stimulate and activate muscles to give a “lifting” effect
-stimulate collagen and elastin to lessen fine lines and give your skin a more supple, plump texture
-stimulate the lymphatic system helping to reduce puffiness and fluid retention as well as mprove skin tone and more.
In our clinic you are being treated by a fully qualified Chinese medicine practitioner who will tailor your treatment to suit your needs. If you need some help with your digestion or if your periods are a bit wacky then this can and should be addressed in your session. Ultimately if your digestion is not optimised then either will your skin be and the same can be said for unbalanced hormones.
Depending on your age your practitioner will recommend between 4-8 sessions, coming in once a week to get the best results.

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