I work as an Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner with an interest in Fertility.   Commonly, the focus of treatment is on the female partner but what is becoming increasingly evident from the research, is that sperm parameters are in global decline. The making of a baby is equal parts female and male. What this means is there needs to be equal attention on both partners to improve their fertile potential. Having a plan for the male and the female partner can help increase the chances of a healthy conception. 

Where do you start? Getting a semen analysis can provide essential information on the clinical status of the individual. The vitality, motility and morphology of the spermatozoa show important indications of sperm function. 

Spermotogenesis (the production of sperm) takes between 64 – 100 days. So what you are doing now will affect the quality of sperm in around 3 months time. This can mean everything from what you eat, how much and the type of physical activity you do, how you manage your stress, what chemicals you may be exposed to in your workplace or at home and what supplements you take. 

Different constitutions react differently to external factors and their influence on fertility. 

Stress whether it is mental, emotional or physical has been shown to reduce sperm quality. The good news, there is a lot that can be done to improve them!

So what can you do to boost your fertile potential? Find a local acupuncturist with an interest in fertility who will work with you to make the necessary changes. 

There are some things in life we cannot change and have little influence over; our inherited constitution, some illness, injury.  Lifestyle choices however, we have control over. I encourage on stress management; yoga, meditation, hobbies and however you find your zen so the stress input equals the output. Along with Dietary advice, herbal prescription, supplementation, weekly acupuncture treatments 

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