Working as a kinesiologist at our clinic Northern Beaches Integrative Practitioners, I have recently begun to notice a pattern in clinic… an all too familiar pattern of burn out as a result of ongoing stress and fatigue creating a pattern of anxiety, panic and overwhelm.  The result ~ clients often end up feeling this way for an extended period of time and have resigned themselves to the idea that they are just “anxious” or “stressed” people.  

Regardless of the reasons why they are feeling this way they all have one thing in common – they are all seeking help with managing their fear and anxiety, choosing to no longer be ruled by their emotions and they are ready for change.    

Stress and anxiety can present in many different ways and can affect us mentally, emotionally and psycho-spiritually.  Mentally we are continually worried and anxious.  Emotionally we feel ruled by fear, guilt and anger ; and spiritually our relationships are suffering and we seem to constantly be derailed by life’s challenges.   


As women are often the primary caregivers in the home, they are often the ones seeking the help in the first place.  Spiritually, mentally and emotionally taxed from the daily juggles and competing demands of family, work and relationships very few of us are managing to eat well or exercise regularly and even fewer of us are managing to get a good nights sleep.  The evidence is becoming all too clear ~ we need nourishment and we need it fast.  That said it is often a requirement, before leaving a session, for clients to come up with some sort of personal home “remedy kit” to use during times of stress. This “remedy kit” is a list of things that you can do to bring yourself back into a state of calm and find a more creative solution for life’s challenges.    


There is no right or wrong way to meditate.  Studies by Yale have shown that a daily mediation practice can not only increase brain matter and prevent grey matter deterioration but it also decreases the size of the amygdala and increases grey matter density in our prefrontal cortex, the brain area responsible for concentration, decision making, judgement and social interaction.  Another benefit is that regular elicitation of the Relaxation Response through meditation changes the expression of our genes in a way that makes us more resilient to stress and anxiety.    


Don’t forget to breathe.  Having a few simple, deep breathing techniques slows down your heart rate and has a calming effect on your nervous system.  More importantly they can be used as a method to train the body’s reaction to stressful situations and dampen the production of harmful stress hormones.      


Taking a break from social media can also have some desirable affects.  Previous clients have likened a social media detox to “putting down their phone and picking their life up.”  Whilst social media is not always responsible for creating feelings of anxiety in the first place, it can exacerbate existing feelings resulting in compulsive concern that one might miss out, perpetuating the fear of having made the “wrong decision”.  This is not helpful when you are already feeling anxious and can often lead to worsening existing feelings.  The bottom line is our phones can cause more problems than not.  Limit your screen time and feel the benefits.        

Read to reconnect:  

Read books that not only interest you, but nourish your mind and soul.  “Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.” Mason Cooley.  Reading can physically change our brain structure and improve our memory too – so pick up a book and start reading ~ every day.  

Establish connection.  

Make a pact to call someone or reach out during these times of stress and anxiety and return the favour if and when you can.  “Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.”  @GUSANDLUCY Regardless of what your definition of “successful” is ~ choose to surround yourself with inspirational souls who can hold space for you and cheer you on instead of tear you down.

Book a kinesiology session: 

Suffering from feelings of overwhelm?  Let’s get back to basics and get clear on how you want to feel.  Many of my clients express a feeling of being “lost” or “stuck” and unsure of their purpose in life.  A kinesiology session can really make a difference in answering some of those bigger questions within themselves and understanding what it is that they really want and why.  Understanding why you want something can often make the planning and details fall into place a lot easier and reduce a lot of the stress involved.  

Kim is a qualified kinesiologist and loves working with people who aspire to evolve and find their real magic. “It gives me great joy helping my clients find the answers within.  Finding practical ways to make their lives better ~ on a daily basis.  Relishing and revelling and growing and creating and finding their meaning and their reason for being here.  I can’t wait to work with you in finding what is more important than fear.”  

“Fear is a reaction.  Courage is a decision.” Rumi   

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