Taking time for massage is as important for people dealing with
depression as it is for people dealing with arthritis, sports injuries
and carpal tunnel syndrome. A review of more than a dozen
studies revealed how massage can fight depression by lowering
cortisol levels.
Cortisol is the body’s response to stress, and massage therapy
lowers it by as much as 50%. At the same time, massage provides
many benefits and can also increase the levels of serotonin and
dopamine, which are both neurotransmitters that help stabilize
your mood.
The International Journal of Neuroscience studied a group of
people with spinal cord injuries who were also suffering from
depression. Twice a week for five weeks, half the patients received
two 40-minute sessions of motion exercises while the other half
received two 40-minute massages.
Both groups improved their physical abilities during that time, but
the people who received massage therapy also became less
depressed. So even while exercise has long been accepted as a
means of combating depression, massage not only provides
additional benefits but can also relieve stiffness and soreness
resulting from physical exercise.
Sometimes it can be difficult to make time for taking care of
yourself, but a massage is an effective way of maintaining regular
attention to your personal wellness. Ongoing massage therapy
promotes a relaxed state of mental alertness, which reinforces a
positive attitude.
Reserving some specific time for a professional massage,
customized to address your personal needs, makes it easier to
remember that you deserve to feel good and that you’re taking
important steps to make it happen.

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