Children, Kinesiology & Coping with Stress & Anxiety

Does your child tend to worry a lot?  Do they often seem anxious and stressed about school or their friendships?  Do you wish they could just be ‘happy’ and understand the reasons behind some of their behaviour.  

We all know that at times anxiety in children can be a major issue affecting  everyone in the home.  Not only does it affect their sleep, but also their ability to function at school and more often than not their social interactions.  This is often a vicious, self-perpetuating cycle, with anxiety making it difficult to concentrate in class often resulting in increased stress and anxiety!  Behavioural issues and acting out in class aren’t uncommon either and often children feel the need to withdraw all together, disconnecting from their friends and family.

Kinesiology can be a real game changer when it comes to these issues.  An appointment with a kinesiologist can help children and young adults to get a handle on where a lot of their anxiety is coming from.  It stands to reason that understanding the “root” cause of a problem can be extremely empowering for anyone trying to make head or tail of their emotions!  Understanding these emotions and then recognising their triggers is the first step to learning how to cope in today’s world.  Obviously this takes a bit of practice – and that is what we intend to learn!  These techniques are easy to apply and many people have reportedly found them to make a considerable difference to their anxiety and opened up other avenues in tackling day to day stressors.  Used together or separately these are methods and strategies used by kinesiologists and Brain Gym practitioners all over the world to bring about balance and can empower your child by teaching them how to bring about change – not only physiologically but also mentally and emotionally.  It is very important in each session that the child feels they can express themselves and that they understand that the muscle testing can be used to help pin-pointing the possible reasons / causes that could be contributing to their often “unpleasant” or anxious feelings.  As kinesiologists the use of a clear “indicator muscle” allows us to access the bio-feedback system holding all of the information concerning our physical, emotional and mental states.  An unlocking muscle can therefore be an indicator that stress is having a negative effect somewhere in our system.   

In these sessions children will learn: 

  • Simple calming techniques that they can apply at home and at school 
  • Identify foods that may be causing reactions that are less than best
  • The importance of ‘alone’ time and self reflection away from all devices and screens 
  • Recognise the benefits of exercise and be shown a range of movements and stretches proven to help with concentration and reduce stress – great for that afternoon homework slump
  • Rubbing NL’s and holding NV’s to cleanse and detoxify as well as nourish and calm the mind 
  • Neuro Emotional points to rub to release pent up emotion 
  • Strategies to fortify the mind and spirit 
  • Easy and fun ways to improve left and right brain integration 
  • Identify and work with vibrational essences to help shift consciousness. Considering the positive qualities is helpful even if the remedy isn’t taken 
  • Use positive EFT – learning to pick your positive state to “vibrate” 

Contact Kim for a session on 02 8406 0679 or book online at 

Kim is a reflexologist and kinesiologist and a new mum.  Feeling impassioned about health and wellness, family, relationships and living a life of purpose – Kim feels most alive exploring the possibilities and assisting her clients in showing up in the world.  

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