Hello my name is Maria Jones. I’m excited to be working in Sydney as most of my life I’ve been based in Adelaide. I am really blessed to work as an Intuitive Medium. I believe I have one of the best jobs in the world.

I began reading at the age of 12 and have been working as a Intuitive Medium for over 20 years. I also facilitate courses on how to connect to your intuition and with your spirit guides as well essential oils and spiritual wellbeing.

People of wonder what happens when they book in with me. In the session i communicate with people who have crossed and spirit guides. I have found that people come for so many different reason from wanting to connect to a family member, a friend to even pets who have crossed over. Also when someone might be lost or looking for direction.The length of a session varies from 45mins to 60mins. I have a policy that i only see people once a year, so as not to form a codependency with the spirit world

I have a love and passion for essential oils, wellbeing, animals, going to gym and as a hobby I teach Zumba (dance is so good for soul).

I believe that it’s important to trust and listen to yourself and be the best version that you can possible be.

Call 0411 513 263 to book an appointment.

Warmest Regards

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