Life Coaching

If you want to invest in yourself and your future, there is no greater way than through Life Coaching. Your personal Life Coach can assist you with almost any goal, be it
personal or professional. Your Coach will work alongside you as your mentor and cheerleader to help you establish what you desire, the driving factors behind previous results and give you tools and techniques to keep you motivated and accountable so that you can achieve your dreams and live your best life. Whether you are wanting to change your career, improve a relationship, achieve a health or financial goal, get out of a particular state of mind (eg. overwhelm, stress, unsatisfaction), coaching is an empowering experience.


NLP stands for “Neuro-Linguistic Programming” and refers to a modality formed in the 70’s by Richard Bandler and John Grinder as a non surgical, drug free way to help
clients reprogram their thoughts and behaviour. During an NLP session your practitioner will ask you a number of questions and help you become more aware of the language you use and the impact it has on the way you see your given situation. There are then a number of techniques and tools that your practitioner can use to enable you to re-program your thoughts and behaviour so that you can live your best life.

NLP is useful for those wanting to:
• Break unhelpful thought patterns and behaviour
• Work on Personal Development
• Create positive anchors for behaviour and thoughts
• Break phobias
• Improve Communication skills


Contrary to popular belief, there’s no spinning circles or swinging clocks. You can’t be forced into hypnosis or do anything against your will. It’s a relaxed conscious state
you can bring yourself out of at any stage.

It feels similar to daydreaming, it is a naturally occurring state that we go into several times a day. It’s our ability to function on ‘auto-pilot’ that allows us to enter a hypnotic state, so it feels very normal and familiar. Hypnosis is characterised by a sense of wonderful relaxation, heightened imagination and increased suggestibility thus making it the perfect state to allow for thought and behaviour modification and to utilise the incredible connection between mind and body for health, healing and happiness. When you leave you will feel rested, rejuvenated and motivated!

Hypnosis is effective for;
• Fertility, infertility, anxiety during pregnancy, birth and post partum
• Pre and post surgery
• Quit smoking
• Health goals
• Natural pain relief
• Stress reduction
• Sleep issues
• Improving mindset
• Bad habits
• Communication
• Reframing experiences
• Improving confidence & self esteem
• Removing negative mental blocks
• Understanding the root causes of any underlying physical or emotional issue;
or pattern of behaviour.
• Understanding experiences and the meaning attached to them.
• Reframing experiences and beliefs.
• Upgrading language and self-talk.
• Moving forward with new and more positive suggestions

Many issues can be addressed is a single session, however some may require more sessions.