Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Cupping, Herbal Medicine

First and foremost I’m a mum of twins, they are my world – a world where I’m thrilled to be able to include my knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncture to help them grow into their best selves.

My passion began 13 years ago whilst studying physiotherapy in Auckland. Although I was enrolled and studying within the health industry, I was always seeking Chinese Medicine to heal myself from the root of the problem and no longer focus on temporarily fixing symptoms. Eventually i changed study programs and have never looked back.

During my uni days I had a keen interest in mental emotional disorders as well as women’s health and since practicing have begun to specialise pregnancy, fertility and musculoskeletal pain. Whilst they may seem like odd things to specialise in I love the journey I get to share with couples trying to conceive and love feeling like a wizard when helping people out of pain. It’s not just these conditions that I am able to help with though – in clinic I still see a lot of insomnia, anxiety, digestive upset, skin conditions, headaches, depression, colds and flus, gynaecological disorders.

Always continuing my education I have studied with Kirsten Wolfe from Fertile Life and Brad Whisnant a great teacher of the theories of Master Tung and Dr Tan. I am constantly immersed in fertility symposiums, webinars and text books, as each person I see is unique and requires symptom interpretation from numerous standpoints.

In 2017 i opened a clinic where I was able to handpick the very best practitioners on the Northern Beaches of Sydney – we work together and educate each other continually. It’s from the clinic that I run my holistic pregnancy groups. A passion project empowering women into the best pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Chances are in a session with me you will be given food and diet advice before prescribing any herbal medicine. I am so passionate about food energetics and including and excluding the right foods for you as an individual. In clinic I have seen great results with food therapy alone and one day hope to publish a book about it.

Feel free to call me for a chat on 02 8406 0679 or book a session online.

Chloe Player