How do you show up in the world?

Carolyn Myss (a Medical Intuitive and Mystic) says, “No one can be truly healthy or fulfilled if their head and their heart exist as two separate forces within them.” What we really want is to be madly in love with the life we have and realise that everything we do counts!

I read something recently from James Hillman referring to the “acorn theory”, “The acorn theory expresses that unique something that we carry into the world, that is particular to us.” Hillman’s theory proposes that, given that the acorn holds the pattern for an oak tree then it would stand to reason that each human being would already hold their potential inside themselves from birth.

Every individual’s unique energy becomes actualized through their choices and actions in life once they answer their calling and life’s purpose. Using Kinesiology as a tool to help you to find that inner truth again and discover (but not discount) those inner belief systems can help us to determine what may be blocking you from listening to your inner voice, and ultimately from aligning with your dreams and goals. By aligning your head (conscious and subconscious mind) and your heart – Kinesiology can help you to get clear on your goals, dreams and desires and begin to take small and deliberate actions to create a life that you love.

Weeding out the nasties

Sabotage programs – we all have them. Not all of us know it though. And those of us who do recognise them don’t know what to do about them anyway. This is one way that kinesiology can assist in helping a client to make the necessary changes in order to move towards what they want – as opposed to what they don’t want!
Working through hidden sabotage programs by recognising and weeding out old patterns and behaviours are just some of the ways kinesiology can assist a client in self-actualising and making the changes necessary to live authentically. Whether those changes relate to physical, mental, emotional or spiritual changes – kinesiology uses a bio-feedback system to identify the root of this temporary “blip” in the system and then resolve it. Kinesiology can eradicate and minimise certain fears, anxieties and phobias, as well as upgrade mental and physical performance thus increasing health and vitality whilst assisting you in expressing, releasing and adapting to life’s challenges.

Methods of Balancing

Kinesiology uses a wide range of balancing techniques to further enhance the balance. A session may include:

Tracing and massaging of meridians
Gentle rubbing, holding or tapping of acupressure points.
Rubbing of Neurolymphatic points
Holding of Neurovascular points
The use of Flower Essences
Nutritional Support
Emotional diffusion methods
Colour and sound balancing
Brain integration as well as other techniques for the Central Nervous System involving coordination of the eyes, ears, speech, memory and concentration

How many sessions do you need to shift an issue?

This is completely dependent on you. There are no hard and fast rules. Generally speaking clients feel they get to shift a significant part of the issue within 3 sessions.

That said, it is dependent on a few factors, for example: your willingness to shift the issue as well as implement the changes, where you are up to in the healing process and more often than not the consideration of external factors, such as your living environment – affecting the outcome.

My dedication to each and every client on their voyage is to learn to better use their inner voice, to really listen and choose to lean into those moments when their internal universe is trying to tell them something. Let’s get busy!

Kim is a reflexologist and kinesiologist and a new mum. Feeling impassioned about health and wellness, family, relationships and living a life of purpose – Kim feels most alive exploring the possibilities and assisting her clients in showing up in the world.

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