I grew up around natural remedies, but didn’t try Acupuncture until much later, changing my health for the better. It sparked a curiosity in wanting to learn more about the body as a complete system.

Being a rock climber my whole life, I’ve always leaned into learning & understanding what impacts our ability to thrive. I’ve been able to experience how a body is capable of being wonderfully resilient, challenged, strong, asymmetrical, & functional. It’s also meant seeing firsthand how these systems of ours respond to getting overloaded, depleted, and overworked.

Almost a decade ago I decided to go back to university to get my Bachelors degree, and continued the last of my training at a Chinese hospital during my final year. I haven’t looked back & now work a lot with people who are affected by the everyday, but often accept it as the “norm”; stress, fatigue, poor sleep, gut issues, headaches & migraines, hormone imbalances, pain, & musculoskeletal issues.

I’ve done additional training in pregnancy support, fertility & facial rejuvenation, amongst other things, and prioritise adding value to my learning every year through seminars, webinars, books and conferences. Getting to the root of what’s causing your symptoms is a strong motivator to always be learning more.

I love introducing new people to experiencing Acupuncture, it’s far gentler than many expect it to be!

You can call or book a session online to find me, and to learn more about what I do, & all things Acupuncture related, find me on Instagram @laelia.acupuncture

Looking forward to working with you!