Kim – Kinesiology, Reflexology

My Personal Journey…

Born and raised in South Africa I can’t say I was exposed to or knew much about complimentary medicine.  This I knew – people got sick and they went to the doctor.  Luckily for me our family doctor was “old school” and didn’t write scripts for his patients unless absolutely necessary.   “Prescriptions” consisted of verbal instructions to “drink more water” and “get more sleep”.  More often than not, he had a point and I do believe that this played a pivatol role in learning to trust my body’s innate ability to heal.

Fast forward to the year 2000 and a bold decision to follow my husband to Zimbabwe left me feeling a little unsure of where life was taking me. After years of searching for the “right fit” I finally began studying reflexology and offering my services to a local hospice.

A short while later I was introduced to the director of a charity called KidzCan.  KidzCan is a registered Private Voluntary Organisation (Registration No 04/2009) based in Harare, Zimbabwe. Currently concentrating their efforts on improving the provision of an early diagnosis and effective treatment of cancer in children, as well as to contribute to the well being of those children suffering from cancer and other related life threatening blood disorders.

KidzCan aims to ensure that the affected children and their families have access to a high standard of treatment and support, regardless of where they live or their socio-economic background.

Although initially KidzCan sought to provide hope, comfort and consolation to the families and children suffering from cancer, they very quickly came to realise the overwhelming need to assist with procedures required in bettering the circumstances of the these individuals living with cancer in Zimbabwe.  I will forever be reminded of those who fought a very brave battle right until the end.  Our immigration to Australia has left me even more determined to find a way to assist children and young adults, mothers, fathers and care givers a healthy way to grieve and a means to communicate and release past trauma.  My introduction and work using Applied Behavioural Therapy with a 3 year old with Autism cemented my belief that there are other ways to communicate other than verbally and thus began my search for the best way to do this.  My discovery of Kinesiology shook up everything I believed in and it has completely opened up so much possibility for my own personal growth.

I am so inspired and humbled to be of service to other’s in a way that can be truly liberating.  Whether that liberation be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual – the shifts are evident (no matter how big or small) and the potential is endless!

Being a part of that journey and sitting in the passenger seat has proven to be a blessing and I am honored to be along for the ride.

On a personal level, I have found that a kinesiology session leaves me feeling wide open and receptive to recognising and ultimately releasing old patterns and pain spirals that no longer serve me.

By becoming more self-aware I find myself feeling more open to considering new possibilities and outcomes and am better equipped in tackling old issues around work or relationships in a more creative way.