Hello, I am Crystel

I have lived in the Northern Beaches for over 14 years. I spent most of my childhood living in different countries such as, Switzerland, Peru and USA. The. Northern. Beaches stole my heart and this is where home has being for all these years. I love the beach and water, water is my element and need to live close to it. I love the outdoor lifestyle this magical place brings. I love yoga, pilates, meditation and reading self-development books. I have a lot of curiosity and always looking to expand my knowledge.

From a young age, helping others was my dream. My wish was to bring peace and love to all those that need it the most. Throughout the different stages of my life that wish just became stronger and stronger. Coming to Australia was my big eye opener, which allowed me to connect and experience wonderful modalities. I always knew I wanted to work with something meaningful to me and be able to help and support others in their healing journey. Life is an endless healing journey, but with the right support it can be so beautiful.

Reiki came into my life 10 years ago and since then I have dedicated those years, to broaden my studies and to go deep in my own healing journey. Through this journey and becoming a mother to my beautiful boy in 2020, is where I decided to truly follow my passion and support, nurture and care for others.

I love to work with energy healing, as I am a true believer that when we are unbalanced energetically it will have a major effect on our emotional and physical level. It’s beautiful to witness the magic of Reiki and all it has to offer. I also discovered throughout these years the magic of working with my hands on a more physical level. I discovered through bodywork, how powerful and beneficial massage is for our lives. Our body carries trauma, stagnation and blockages and when not looking after it, it can bring up many things. I was lucky enough to become a Womb Hara Massage practitioner and to be able to support women in many different levels. I have a strong passion for Women’s health and how to support them in their conceiving journey and postpartum stage. I am currently finishing my Ayurveda Postpartum Doula, to support women in their sacred journey. Through diet, herbs and massage we will be able to nurture and support Mama the way she deserves. It’s true when they say it takes a village to raise a child.

Because of my love for energy work and bodywork, I explored different modalities that resonated with me and that’s where I feel in love with Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage, its a connection of energy, massage and breath work. I truly love to nourish beautiful souls with this medicine modalities. This is how the Hawaiians used to heal each other in their villages and I will continue to honour and be of service with this wonderful work. Through research and curiosity and treating many clients with different health issues, I will be also offering Integrative lymphatic drainage massage.

I look forward to meeting you and treat you.

– Reiki Master Usui and Holy Fire
– Womb Hara Practitioner
– Lomi Lomi Practitioner
– Ayurvedic Postpartum doula (currently finishing)
– Integrative. Lymphatic Drainage practitioner
– Access Bars Practitioner