Brooke Crabb – Naturopath and Nutritionist

Hi There!

I’m Brooke Crabb, a passionate, degree qualified Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist and Western Herbalist with over a decade of experience in Complementary Medicine.

I’m a Mother and a Northern Beaches local.

After experiencing numerous health issues myself and seeing a Naturopath, I was eager to learn more about the alternative medicines that had drastically improved my physical and mental health.

In my practice, my goal is to motivate and inspire through practical, no nonsense advice, with personalised recommendations and the use of evidence based complementary medicine. My areas of interest are hormonal health, stress management and mindset, gut and digestive health (IBS), women’s health, skin and thyroid health.

I am openly enthusiastic about health promotion on all levels and coupled with my extensive clinical and industry experience, I provide evidence based health education and support.

I am confident that Naturopathy and Nutrition can provide the tools to assist you in managing your health and help you to achieve your goals, whatever they may be.