Sam Walsh Remedial Massage

I provide performance care for highly active people, as well as injury and remedial attention to those aiming to manage an affordable wellbeing routine.

I begun in 2004 working directly with Steve Lockhart whom established the SLM Massage/Myotherapy model. He formed a high volume of client / therapist success stories on the back of the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Prior to this event, Australia had very few Remedial Therapists, let alone ones that were making a full time income. I was lucky to get his direct tuition, and follow that up with a Diploma in 2006. Upon completion of the two year commitment I began my own practice and have created a professional, comprehensive massage experience for diverse clientele, proudly using more techniques from further study and international experiences. 

In 2002, I returned from two years in North America playing and coaching Rugby Union. After this time, I was eager to remain in a compassionate team environment devoted to plan and deliver user friendly health programs, so I easily gravitated toward becoming a Personal Trainer.

This eventuated and I developed my own business with a reputable fitness franchise. Today in 2018, I am still insured as a Personal Trainer, Youth Exercise Coach, Remedial Therapist, and Tai Chi Instructor offering exercise and rehabilitation type sessions across select categories.

What I bring together is a ’hands on’ manual therapy with correlating recommendations of stretching, and stability control to support your physical balance – and comprehensive exercise coaching which adheres to the full gamut of holistic performance and recovery. The result has proven to date, one of sustainability for both myself as a business owner and my clients efforts including their precious time, energy and financial investment.  

When we begin, it starts by co operatively finding solutions to best suit your current physical situation and environmental exposure (school, work, home, sport, stress levels etc) and correlate that to achievable degrees of progressive wellbeing. 

There is however personal circumstances which simply lead a person to arrive at the clinic and leave with no plan, or any feeling of being pushed toward changing their lives. That persons position, is completely respected and granted from the outset. We provide a space for healing and comfortability first and foremost. That is the bottom line.