Ear acupuncture refers to the therapeutic method of using fillerform needles, viccaria seeds or other devices or procedures to stimulate ear points so as to reach the goal of healing.

It is an important component of traditional Chinese acupuncture and moxibustion acupuncture which originated in China.

Their discussion included points on the ear for treatments related to the upper limbs, eyes, cheeks, and throat and was then further developed in 1956 by French Doctor Paul Noiger which is why you might hear it sometimes being called “auricular acupuncture” who drew a chart of ear points that was mapped from an inverted foetus.

 Apart from traditional needling, the application of moxibustion and other variations on acupuncture have been developed, including seed pressing.

In the clinic we particularly like to use ear seeds for sensitive patients including those recovering from illness or young children but it can be used for anyone who is coming in for treatment in conjunction with your regular acupuncture treatment.

Ear seeds are easy to apply by someone who has learnt the different zones on their ear that correlate to the different parts of the body that are trying to be targeted. There are also

“point combinations” that have been tried and tested to work well together which your Acupuncturist will know such as for stress and anxiety or to help curb cravings and addictions.

Once the ear seeds are stuck on they should stay on for anywhere between 3-5 days and will continue to gently stimulate the points on the ear to give an effect while you wear them.

Next time you come in for your acupuncture appointment feel free to ask your Acupuncturist if you can get some ear seeds to wear home to give your session an extra boost!

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