Fertility rates are declining across the country and many couples and individuals are turning to natural therapies as well as medical intervention to increase their chances of conceiving.

Starting your fertility journey with a natural approach will not only optimise chances of conception but will be an added support to your fertility journey should you decide on medical intervention in the future.

Preparing your body for conception should be considered at least 6 months prior to actively trying to conceive in order to place you and your partner in the best possible position to conceive.

While there are amazing modern medical advancements to help couples and individuals conceive, there are a number of steps you can take to increase your chances of conceiving.

Diet – opt for a balanced diet rich in vegetables, fruit, whole grains, quality lean proteins, and healthy fats. Choose organic, hormone-free produce, to reduce your exposure to dietary toxins and include nutrient-dense foods like leafy greens, nuts & seeds, berries, avocados, and olive oil for their wide range of essential nutrients. Avoid processed foods & meats, refined sugar, caffeine, and alcohol as these are harmful to the systems needed to optimise fertility. A naturopath can provide specific food inclusions and food exclusions based on your medical/health history and current health presentation to maximise fertility outcomes.

Exercise – movement and exercise are beneficial to the cardiovascular system, digestive system and male & female reproductive systems. Individuals and couples looking to conceive should include 4-5 sessions of moderate exercise each week for at least 35 minutes. Exercise regulates hormone production, reduces stress, enhances detoxification, and maintains a healthy weight range – all of which are essential for optimising fertility. Including the appropriate type and intensity of exercise for the individual/s is important.

Stress Management – stress causes inflammation & oxidative stress, disrupts hormonal production and can impair reproductive health. Prioritising stress regulation such as meditation, deep breathing exercises, journaling, or engaging in activities that bring you peace and joy is essential. Other practices including acupuncture, massage, kinesiology, hypnotherapy and yoga can help to reduce stress and therefore optimise fertility outcomes.

Sleep – our body enters a deep state of restoration when we sleep. Adequate, restful sleep is essential for general health, reproductive function, and healthy hormone production. Aim for around 8 hours of sleep and improve sleep restoration by avoiding screens before bed, turning off wifi overnight, doing a sleep meditation before bed and keeping a regular sleep-wake cycle.

Nutritional Supplements and Herbal Medicine – there are specific supplements and herbal medicines that directly target the reproductive organs and enhance fertility. Depending on your individual health presentation as well as your medical/family history, a naturopath will be able to prescribe practitioner only products and herbal medicine tailored specifically to the individual. It is not recommended to self-prescribe or rely on Google or other internet mis/information when it comes to supplements and herbal medicine.

Environmental Toxins – it is important to reduce your exposure to endocrine-disruptors found in our surrounding environment including plastics, pesticides, personal care products, and cleaning agents. Choose (or make your own) natural and organic products whenever possible.

If you are looking to conceive and want to optimise your health and wellbeing to support fertility, our clinic is here to help! Our naturopath can provide a tailored treatment plan to support you on your fertility journey. Taking a holistic approach to conception has been shown to increase the chance of conceiving.

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