When it comes to seeking out additional support for those either embarking on, or in the thick of IVF, it’s natural to want to ensure you’re doing everything you can for a positive outcome. Acupuncture is increasingly being turned to as a go-to, with strong evidence supporting its role in improving IVF outcomes at time of embryo transfers. That research doesn’t even factor in the preparation that can be done to work on egg and sperm quality, building lining, underlying condition support, or working on overall cycle health. So aside from on-the-day support, and presuming you’ve ruled out underlying factors that may require more targeted focus, IVF support recommendations from your TCM practitioner may look like:

Prepping for IVF (before and during medication phase)
We recommend 8 weekly sessions in the two months before EPU. Or, if you’re late into starting, 2 sessions a week can be done in the month leading up. The emphasis here is on stress hormone regulation & pregnancy outcomes.

Treating Side effects of IVF
This is for before/during/after the medication phase as needed or whenever appropriate.

Egg Collection
One treatment done right after EPU, or within the couple of days after. Focus is on restoring blood flow & reducing local trauma & swelling , as well as settling the whole area down, as well as supporting your nerves.

On The Day
One or two treatments, before and after transfer preferred, as close as possible to the time of embryo transfer is recommended.

Establishing pregnancy and reducing risk of loss
These are weekly sessions starting about a week after transfer. In cases of heightened anxiety or higher risk of miscarriage, patients may choose to come twice a week for support.

It’s important to talk through your specific health picture with your practitioner to ensure protocols are tailored to you as-needed.

Laelia is a Chinese Medicine practitioner focused on fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, hormone and cycle health. She loves to support people in feeling less depleted & is available on Fridays and Saturdays at NBIP. You can book in with her here

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