We’re deep into Winter and we’ve been seeing a fair few cases of patients with sinusitis come through the clinic. Sinusitis is the inflammation of the soft tissue that lines the hollow spaces in our skull. They are found around our eyes, forehead, cheeks and connect to the nose. Normally, our sinuses are filled with air, however when we get a bacterial or viral infection or react to an allergy, the soft tissues can get inflamed, and produce mucus. As these tissues swell up and get congested with the increased mucus production, it can lead to a myriad of symptoms:
– Stuffy nose
– Headaches
– Reduced smell
– Facial pain
– Sore throat
– Toothaches
– Fever
– Sore throat
– Cough
If the sinus cavities are not drained completely of the mucus, it can recur turning a once off occurrence into a chronic condition. From a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, sinusitis is viewed as a wind cold or wind heat condition concentrated in the head. If one has chronic sinusitis, it may indicate a weak spleen. The spleen could be weakened over time from poor eating habits, not taking meals regularly or even stress. This leads to dampness in the body which congeals forming phlegm. Some handy tips for people with chronic sinusitis is to:
– Avoid greasy or oily food
– Stress management
– Get good sleep
– Boost immune system through exercise
We’ve been seeing some great results from patients through acupuncture sessions. There are excellent points that can help in clearing and draining the nasal passages, opening up the pathways and relieving pressure for acute symptoms. Once the passages are cleared, your acupuncturist would look at treating the root cause – strengthening your Spleen Qi. This is important in addressing the build-up of phlegm, boosting the body’s defensive Qi, and preventing recurring infections. Herbs may also be prescribed to hasten your recovery. If your sinuses have been getting the better of you and you’d like to try address it with acupuncture or herbs, contact the clinic on 8406 06679 or visit our website www.nbip.com.au to book online.

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