Recently, more than ever, Remedial Massage clients are presenting physical complaints that when we discuss life events and activity, are generated from a cumulative period of stress and anxiety. The late, Jesuit Priest and Psychologist Anthony De Mello wrote meditations that lifted the vail for thousands whom opted in on taking a bold dive into healing anxiety and the subsequent tension… for my work as a soft tissue therapist, manual therapy is almost always accompanied with ‘deep and meaningful’s’, or seemingly light hearted dialogue into the Why’s and How’s of – ACHES AND PAINS AND RECURRING INJURIES.

I do not suggest that I offer here a solution to you, the reader, their woe’s and misfortunes. The intention of this blog is to offer an insight into healing power through self affirming oneself to challenge their place in life. Through words and self love placed into those words.

A remedial massage can have a gamut of uses when a client is on the table. Everything from choosing appropriate techniques, to passive and active breathing, progressive relaxation technique, contract / relax stretches, and the ol’ favourite sedative massage so soft snoring can be detected.

I challenge you to have a go at taking a personal exploration into where you are currently placed in life. Commit to this meditation with prepping your environment so it is sensory conducive (sound, sights, feel) to relaxation and peace. Some of you may need to get in the car for this! Read the content over once, as the way through these words can bring with it some obstacles that your mind may wrestle with. That is completely normal and part of the letting go process which yields the healing power. Please feel free to share any thoughts or revelations to me.. I will welcome comments / 0425 315301

I suggest, to read these words slowly.  In order to live you must look reality in the face then you will shed your fear of losing people and develop a taste for newness and change and uncertainty …you will shed your fear of using the known and expectingly wait and welcome the unfamiliar and the unknown.

If it is life you seek then here is an exercise that might prove painful but will bring the exhilaration of freedom if you are able to do it.

Ask yourself – if there is anyone or anything who loss would cause you grief.

You maybe one of those persons who can not bear to even think of the death or the loss or the parent a friend a loved one, if this is so and in the measure that this is so, you are dead….

The thing to do is…  To face the death the loss the separation from loved things and loved ones Now

Take these persons and things one at a time, and imagine they are dead or lost or separated from you forever

And in your heart say… goodbye

To each of them say… thank you and goodbye

You will experience pain and you will experience the disappearance of clinging and then something else will emerge in your consciousness, an Aloneness, a solitude that grows and grows and becomes like the infinite vastness of the sky

That aloneness is freedom and that solitude is life … that non clinging is the willingness to flow and to enjoy and to taste and to relish each new moment of life which is now made all the sweeter because it is freed from the anxiety and tension and insecurity …freed from the fear of loss and then that always accompanies the desire for permanence and clinging.

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