Summer Care and Seasonal living with Traditional Chinese Medicine 

Living in harmony with nature is one of the great teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Staying in tune with the season helps to strengthen the immune system, protect against season allergens, assists to stabilise energy along with balancing the mood and spirit.

The summer season in TCM is the most yang time of the year, the days are warm and long, energy feels abundant and summer is all about expansion, growth and creativity. In 5 element theory, summer corresponds to the element fire and associated meridian the heart, mind and spirit. When the fire element is in balance, our mind is calm, emotions balanced, thoughts clear and sleep sound. Feelings of agitation, vivid dream disturbed sleep, a lack of joy (depression) or an excess of joy (mania) may indicate an imbalance.

The natural cycle of produce is perfectly and intelligently designed to support our health.

Below are some examples of foods that may help protect you during the summer season and adjust the body’s temperature, helping to keep you cool and balanced.

Fruits such as; Watermelon, rockmelon, honeydew, lemon, peach, orange

Vegetables and herbs such as; Broccoli, cabbage, spinach, sprouts, asparagus, watercress, mint, dill

Consume more fluids, or foods with more water content and electrolytes such as watermelon and coconut water

Engage in practices which calm the spirit and rest the mind.

Add more energetic exercise to your daily regime! Get the blood moving!

Add more pungent flavours to your diet

Traditional Chinese Medicine takes the individual and their specific symptoms, history and constitution into account.These are general guidelines for keeping your internal landscape in harmony with the external.

Silly season getting you a little too hot and bothered? Get Acupuncture! Acupuncture works deeply on the inner landscape of the body bringing it back to balance and harmony.

Can Acupuncture help Pelvic Pain?

Acupuncture and herbal medicine has been used for women’s hormone health for over 2000 years. These days we work on creating a marked change in symptoms by re-balancing hormones via decreasing the body’s heightened stress response & improving blood flow to the ovaries and uterus, which further helps manage pain.

Acupuncture is increasingly being sought after to reduce chronic pelvic pain, and studies back this up, showing Acupuncture’s acceleration of the nervous system response to produce endogenous opioid peptides & achieve peripheral analgesia.

We’re currently seeing a notable increase in research coming out around pelvic pain associated to period pain and/or Endometriosis; an Australian 2017 clinical trial by Armour et al. found ‘Acupuncture treatment reduced menstrual pain intensity and duration after three months of treatment and this was sustained for up to one year after trial entry’. Acupuncture has also been shown to be more effective than hormone drug therapy for endometriosis & in addition to this, a meta-analysis of Acupuncture effects on Endometriosis related pain found that while more studies are needed in this under-represented area, a reduction was found in both pain and in CA-125; a marker associated with Endometriosis. Everyone’s case is different, and treatment frequency varies based on a variety of factors, however a higher frequency of treatments during the first few cycles in women is common.

Pelvic pain can however impact both men and women, and ranges in severity and duration. Most typically, men may experience pelvic pain in relation to prostatitis, while women are more likely to experience pelvic pain due to their menstrual cycles or endometriosis pain.

In managing any type of chronic pelvic pain, we first look at symptom progression, including whether there is an change in pain during stress, sex, menstrual cycle where relevant, or other activities. Acupuncture treatments are safe to start before any other investigations are made, however we may advise you to seek out additional care if required. Acupuncture treatments for pelvic pain look towards a well-rounded approach; combining constitutional factors alongside variables such as sleep, food and stressors, in order to create a personalised Acupuncture prescription. From here we also monitor any changes or reductions in severity and duration of pain & may prescribe herbal formula/advice on supplements to best assist.

8 Benefits of Reiki Healing

What if there was a way you could supercharge your wellbeing and prevent physical and emotional issues before they take hold? Our bodies have truly incredible self-healing capabilities. When a mechanism in our body isn’t functioning properly, we experience symptoms that let us know something is off. The problem is, we move with such momentum that it’s easy to miss out on these cues. How many times have you gotten a headache and mindlessly popped a pain reliever so you could keep going about your day? When you work with Reiki and intuitive energy healing, your body will intuitively bring forth what it needs the most to help you prioritise your healing and assist your body in returning to its natural state of health.

We are all encouraged to connect to our bodies and work on ourselves to become healthier, develop our inner strength, capacity for deeper connections with others and a true discovery of who we are and why we are here.

Reiki has been around for almost a century. Reiki is a hands-on Japanese healing technique that works to release and shift pain, energy blocks and emotions, like when theres a kink in a hose and the water doesn’t flow freely. If our energy isn’t circulating as it should, our bodies can’t operate at their best.

Reiki is also an alternate healing modality for stress relief and relaxation, so you should consider adding it to your preventive health care practice too. Regular Reiki healing can impart remarkable breakthroughs and insights, shifting you in ways you never thought possible, far beyond decreasing stress. It has been found to produce profound results all through gentle touch, positive mindsets, and energy transfer. Whether you want to receive Reiki for emotional trauma healing, energy level balancing, or to develop yourself spiritually, Reiki has endless advantages. Here are 8 benefits how Reiki can boost your wellness practice:

Promote Harmony and Balance
Reiki takes a non-invasive approach to energy transfer that is extremely effective in promoting overall wellness. Through the energy transfer, the body can restore balance across all systems of the mind, body, and spirit. This creates harmony and allows people to continue in a positive lifestyle.

Relaxes and Releases Tension from The Body
What many people love the most about Reiki is that it allows them to simply “be”. It is a couple of minutes of pure relaxation where the receiver can clear their heads and release the tension and stress of their day. The energy transfer through Reiki may make people feel peaceful, relaxed, and lighter which allows than to be in touch with their inner selves and reflect clearly on their lives.

Releases Energy Blocks and Balances the Mind, Body, and Spirit

Regular Reiki treatment promotes the consistent and unlocked flow of energy throughout the body. This allows people to feel less stress, enhances learning and memory, promotes mental clarity, and physical healing/ less physical pain. When energy passageways are blocked, positive energy cannot flow to certain parts of the body, which results in mood swings, fear, anger, pain, and more. Reiki can help keep these passages clear. Cleanses Body of Toxins and Supports Immune System

Cleanses Body of Toxins and Supports Immune System

Reiki technique is used to remind our bodies how to go back into the “repair” or “self-healing” state of rest and digest. By triggering this state, our bodies begin to cleanse themselves of useless energies. It also allows the body to protect itself from exhaustion, burnout, or immune system failure.

Clears The Mind and Improves Focus
Reiki reminds receivers to be in the present moment. The positive energy transfer allows the mind to focus on current events, not hold onto past mistakes, and not fret on anxieties about the future. This will help with accepting how life is unfolding and will help promote positive reactions to situations, people, and circumstances.

Helps You Sleep Better
You can always expect to feel extremely relaxed after a Reiki session. This kind of relaxation helps our bodies to sleep better, to heal better, and to think more clearly. It is not uncommon for people to fall asleep entirely during a Reiki Session.

Helps Spiritual Growth and Emotional Cleansing
Reiki addresses the whole person—mind, body, and spirit—not just the physical being. This means that the positive energy transfer through Reiki is extremely helpful in elevating the receiver’s mood and general attitude towards life. The healing that starts from within will reflect on their decisions and perspective on the outside.

Accelerates The Body’s Self-Healing Ability
Reiki balances your internal body levels to return to a near-natural state. This means that your breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, circulation, and other bodily systems will improve. This normal balance will allow your body to heal itself from within.

There are many ways that an individual can benefit from Reiki. It is important to note that Reiki does not target one problem within the body but rather targets everything at once. Energy transfer is the most powerful tool in healing in this way as it heals all related elements of a particular condition. The more often you receive Reiki, the better acquainted you will become with your body. The secret language of your body unveils the secrets to understanding the messages of your body, revealing the underlying causes of symptoms and medical conditions and offers processes for healing.

Can Acupuncture Bring Back My Period?

Amenorrhea (not having a menstrual cycle) is a condition we commonly see, and can be diagnosed as either primary amenorrhea, whereby you’ve gotten to age 18 without ever having a menstrual cycle, or secondary amenorrhea, whereby you’ve previously menstruated, but haven’t had a menstrual cycle for 3 months or more.x

First thing’s first; Amenorrhea is a symptom, rather than a diagnosis.

Living with Amenorrhea means there’s something within your system that’s regulating differently. It’s important to understand that regardless of whether you intend to become pregnant or not, ovulating gives you so much more than the potential to have kids. If you’ve had your symptoms dismissed (and have ruled out pregnancy), it’s important to advocate for your health in order to rule out more serious underlying conditions.

Common causes of Amenorrhea:

  • Overexertion
  • Stress
  • Low body weight
  • Thyroid imbalance
  • Nutritional disorders or improper nutrition
  • Physiological changes (such as pregnancy, post-partum, or menopause)
  • Underlying conditions such as PCOS
  • Pituitary changes
  • Ovarian disorders

In Chinese Medicine we often look at Amenorrhea as having a root Chinese Medicine Diagnosis cause of deficiency or stagnation, depending on your specific symptom picture. Regular Acupuncture focuses on hormone balancing, working on any underlying conditions, blood circulation, and promoting ovulation. When it comes to ovulatory dysfunction and regaining a cycle, treatment protocols are a minimum 3-6 months, but can take years. A combination of Acupuncture and herbal medicine may be recommended and will be discussed with you by your practitioner when tailoring an approach.