Rule 101…..Always eat in a relaxed state, we want to REST and DIGEST

We are all guilty of eating in a stressed state at some point, have you every wondered where the last bite of your lunch went because you don’t remember finishing it.

Eating in a stressed state might not be what you think, you may be trying to do multiple things at once such as work at your computer, whilst eating lunch, driving and eating or standing at the bench eating and feeding the kids at the same time. When we eat in a stressed state our bodies are in the sympathetic state or fight and flight mode which is going to send the blood away from your digestive system and into your limbs so you can run which means we are no longer able to rest, digest and heal. Our brains won’t get the signal that there is food coming and the knock on effect is the digestive enzymes won’t be released, and you won’t be able to absorb the nutrients you are eating. Do you suffer from bloating, indigestion, malabsorption, changes in bowel habits and feeling unsatisfied?

These are the symptoms you may be experience as a reminder that you are eating in a stressed state. The following technique is a simple yet powerful tool to make sure you are digesting your food and absorbing all the beautiful nutrients you put on your plate. And it’s for the whole family.

  • Digestion starts simply by the thought, sight and smell of food.
  • Before eating stop look, smell and appreciate your meal.- Take 4 deep breaths- Diaphragmatic breathing brings your body into the parasympathetic state sending a message that food is coming it needs to get ready to digest, absorb, assimilation.
  • Add bitter foods to each meal or have a small bitter salad before each meal. Wild rocket with ACV dressing will help to secrete HCL in the stomach and get other enzymes ready to digest. Other bitter foods – artichoke, radicchio, rocket, asparagus, chicory greens.
  • Be mindful and present, chew your food 20 times or until liquid, this may take training…. put your knife and folk down between each mouth full enjoy the texture and flavours. Food that is left unchewed places burden on our digestive system and immune system triggering immune responses.
  • Avoid drink large amounts with meals this will dilute your digestive juices, if you need to just sip.
  • Don’t eat standing, watching TV or working at the computer

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