We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing – George Bernard Shaw

A great number of my clients are matured aged persons. They have brought in injuries and physical complaints that range from wry neck, to plantar fasciitis, to none at all!….These clients are my favourite demographic! They are time honoured souls, that have bodies forged by enduring all before them.

Once I gather their medical history, we can gauge through a timeline how their body has moulded to exhibit recurring discomfort, or if a combination of environmental, nutritional / digestive stresses and life-event traumas, have embedded a pattern of survival that leads to important bodily structures like the brain and the heart and nerves, receiving ‘nourishment priority’ via the blood plasma, oxygen and a matrix of fluids, over the areas I treat the musculoskeletal system……….

(muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and indirectly the nervous suite and the bones which form a imbalanced or balanced skeleton) 

……….this leaving them dry and rigid and predisposed to ailments, disease and injury….*the ailments and injury are part of an indirect sequencer. This body sees muscles as a last priority. Therefore, all the replenishing and nourishing resources, go to the most important areas for survival. Such as the brain and the heart and the nerves and organs*

This is how poor muscles patterns occur and become very hard to rebalance, and how a body becomes more rigid and further from suppleness, and how also, the comparison between ageing with a greater health-span across a lifespan, mirrors conversely with growing older, with greater lifespan but with more deleterious management needed to be recruited, essentially creating a less than fulfilling elderly period of our lives.

Ageing can be a toll effecting a very very broad scope of societal parameters. Not to mention the individual living through the ailments and feeling the burden around them. 

It is our dutiful right, to ensure that the maladies of ageing become highlighted early and respected within families, to bring a heavy reduction to issues resulting in massive loss of independence to the elder, and a heavy cost to families and resources. 

My next blog will cover the actual scientific physiological manifestations like sarcopenia, ataxia, and general decline that if we envisage a health span as achievable , then earlier we can see ageing as a blueprint that does not need to be a linear decline of indolence and a reliability on medical interventions before they can be really needed. 

This blog’s intention is to indicate the importance of mindful ageing and how what we do now, regardless of age, really does play a role in preventing and securing our longevity status. 

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