Whilst Hypnosis might not be the first thing that springs to mind when considering a complimentary IVF therapy, it is one that is growing in popularity and proving its rightful place in the world of fertility, pregnancy, birth and beyond.

In Australia, the number of couples and single women choosing to do IVF is on the rise each year and costs can add up quickly due to testing, medication and further cycles. So it’s important to understand how you can increase your success rate from the get go. Of course there are the obvious things like maintaining a healthy weight, diet and lifestyle, reducing your toxic load, as well as individualized supplementation to support egg and sperm quality. And then you have your complimentary therapies like Acupuncture which is now routinely recommended by most IVF clinics.

What is often overlooked is the disconnect between the mind and the body and the effect that emotional health plays on fertility and success rates. A 2007 study on the “Psychological impact of infertility” likened the stress and depression levels of women going through IVF to those going through cancer. In a 2000 “Reproductive Endocrinology” study it was also shown that women who adopted stress reduction techniques during their IVF cycle were more likely to be successful.

So Why Hypnosis?

It is a natural, safe and non-invasive way of targeting not only the emotional symptoms of infertility, but also the route causes. A 2014 study on the effects of complementary therapies and alternative medicine found hypnosis helpful in dealing with the impact of assisted reproductive technology, emotional stress and depression. Furthermore, a 2006 study conducted by Professor E Levitas showed that hypnosis during IVF, doubled success rates.

What Hypnosis Is and Isn’t

Thanks to TV, movies & stage show hypnosis, there are many myths and misconceptions about hypnosis, so lets clear some up right now… There are no spinning circles or swinging clocks, you can’t be forced into hypnosis or made to do anything against Your will and you certainly can’t get “stuck” in hypnosis. At any stage you could get up and walk out of the room and put the whole thing behind you without any side effects.

Hypnosis is a heightened state of awareness that feels very natural and relaxing. It’s commonly described as that feeling just before you drift off to sleep. It calms the hypothalamus, putting the body into a parasympathetic state which supports the bodies innate healing power, bringing it back to it’s natural state of balance. In this state you can tap into the power of the mind and influence functions of the body through directed visualisation. Afterward you feel rested, rejuvenated and motivated with a new sense of calm and knowing.

Using hypnosis during conception, pregnancy and birth also increases maternal wellbeing, reduces rates of delivery complications and reduces risk of post-partum depression.

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