A Beginners Guide – Principal #1

Our bodies are certainly remarkable. This year 2020, has provided introspection for many, into the world at large, gratitude for the country we live in, focus on family life, and how we individually can influence our immune system and remain healthy amongst uncertainty.

My occupation allows me to meet people whom present ailments and injuries, in a passive and relaxed environment on the massage table. It is my role to prepare clients for change, via relaxing the nervous system and creating rapport to elicit this change. Sometimes simply mild massage which allows one to sleep and drift away from reality, other times, the time can be very interactive.

It can be advantageous during the time together, to observe a person move when assessing their presenting conditions, offer them video tutorials post massage of stretches and mobility drills, and check in with them as a duty of care in response to their recovery.

The body is connected through fibrous links (fascia) that interconnect muscles. This as human functionality can be seen through walking, running, throwing a ball, and many other everyday patterns of movement.

There are particular principals I share, that will help people understand the complex systems within the body. These principals reshape the clients physiological viewpoint and aid the client toward improved health, and at the very least a better understanding of their body.

One principal, I will share in this blog!

The software = the brain, the nervous system, the organs and the electrical circuits


The hardware = the muscles, the bones and the soft tissue that connect both together.


The general rule of thumb is – the software is more important than the hardware. The hardware protects the software, just as a hardened plastic covering, protects a micro chip and circuitry within a computer.

Firstly, the skeleton literally mesh's with a cooperative synergy of soft tissue (which is my speciality!) including muscles, fascia which envelope whilst nourishing muscle, and the more fibrous tendons and ligaments both of which are robustly nifty at connecting our muscles to our bones. I call all this the hardware of the body!

Secondly, the software of the body! The brain, the spinal cord and all the nerves that plug into muscles and metaphorically light them up, are all one part of our software. For the sake of not leaving out other software examples, the other part, and by no way lesser, the multiple organs shaped as pipes, bags, porous coverings and live pulsating cogs in an efficient wheel, the endocrine system (hormonal glands) which are physiologically placed almost circuitry through the midline of the body, and the lymphatic system which have a multifaceted duty of cleaning, alerting the immune system, and issuing clearance of hormones and fluids throughout the cells, all contribute to what is our collective software that works in coordination with our hardware.

Have you ever felt that your muscles have harboured an imbalance or a recurring niggle or injury that is hard to get rid of? This common issue can have a better chance at clearing, by way of using this principal.

This conceivable reference to a computer, is an ideal way to give you the reader, the owner of a body, and the person that has the exponential ability to perform and recover an insurmountable raft of experiences, a new understanding of how your body and mind coexist in action and recovery. Our body is always regenerating. It is always changing. It never wants pain and only shows us pain when an injury or disease is just around the corner. The muscles and bones will remould, will reform under a new mind patterning. To teach is to learn and to learn is to change. Our bodies are built for stress and are malleable… only through the persistent use of principals, do we become balanced and resident to the struggle and stressors that we can only see them as life itself and not a burden.


Feel yourself yield to giving yourself a break and allowing a challenge to slow you down and let your mind, teach your muscles to a new way of moving. It does show us a new path of health. It does enhance our brain grey matter, and it does afford a better life and a better massage

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