Stress is a perfectly normal physiological response to threat. Constant stress which affects your health is not. Stress is an individuals perception or internalisation of life events. It can determine our mental and emotional responses which results in positive or negative electrical changes to our nervous system.

The physiological effect of the perceived stress effects us all uniquely. Commonly in clinic we see neck and shoulder tightness and pain, tight jaw, unsettled stomachs, tight chest, sleep disturbances, brain fog, moodiness just to name a few. If we are feeling a little unbalanced by stress, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) offers wisdom to help you re-balance your energy and melt away excess stress. Acupuncture has been shown to sedate the nervous system, putting the patient in a more relaxed physiological state.

The self-care teachings of TCM gives patients the power to better energy, sleep and mood,
through some lifestyle and dietary changes tailed to the individual. TCM is always looking for balance, this is the place where healing can happen efficiently, where one feels relaxed, has ample energy, quality sleep, clear thoughts and stable mood.

Life has evolved but the mechanisms of our body hasnt changed. Creating calm in our life, despite what external circumstances ask of us, is an essential life skill in modern times.

A few tips and tricks can get you feeling more zen in no time at all..
– If meditation isn’t for you, try an app such as HeadSpace or Insight Timer App which have some
great guided meditations
– Get into nature, everyday, or as much as possible!
– Get Acupuncture! The more regular and consist you are with treatments the better
– Try a form of ‘moving meditation’ such as Qi Gong or Tai Chi.
– Are you taking on too much? Putting too much pressure on yourself? Life moves in waves, allow
yourself to have the down moments. Take a brick out of your backpack!
– There are many therapies to help your body better hope with stress, finding what clicks for you
may take finding the right therapy or the right practitioner.

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