A novel virus and massage therapy –

There has never been a better time to welcome a new approach to ones health.

When what we once knew as a regular day, is altered by restrictions to our liberties, with underlying concern for personal health, it deserves an intentional review of our decisions on what makes up a healthy character we can display in our relationships, onto our work, and feel within ourselves.

How I describe this idea to my clientele is a modal which I learnt through my days of internal martial arts training, and mentoring youth on the Nth Beaches.

A continuum. A continuous cycle of our lifestyle exhibited in a series of interactions,  with a coherent aim to better ourselves and those around us. It can be peppered with gratitude, and moments of ‘just being’ without need for control or assertiveness of the situation.

I have always loved nature. In ways we all understand as simply feeling alive or connecting with ourselves… which may result in joy, arousal, contentment, a feeling of balance, even being ok with sadness, or fear, our most primal emotion.. all these and more I have learnt do not persuade my behaviours like they did when I was young and unaware of the knowledge and connections. I can tell this story to others now as we encounter pain and discomfort in the body, and we discuss the reasons behind presenting conditions clients bring into the clinic.

Viruses are nature. Bacteria, and other cellular organisms are nature also. Humans are now, always will in the future, and always have been, co exisiting with Nature. The vastness of our capability as individuals, is matched with the capability of natures worth and diversity. We as human beings are scripted in life to be diverse and resilient as do other organisms, such as trees, animals, and various organisms that reside on earth, with a similar need to acquire survival mechanisms like us….. shelter, food, protective characteristics, all to compete and belong amongst our respective communities whether house, homesteads, ant hills or underwater cavans, a person, amphibian, insect or reptile, has the birthright to navigate their own life freely with basic structures and knowledge of how to care for their health, and enhance their homeostasis or internal balance.

A lot of this is genetically geared into us through generational replication, but we also take lead and bio hack! Better our step patterns, BOOK IN A REMEDIAL MASSAGE, play sport to build physical resilience and learn positive character traits, and of course, love ourselves by way of all these actions, and then onto others through relationships and good deeds, love among, physical touch and recognising the cycle of life through cooking and prepping food, eating and talking with wine and song, and enjoying physical feats that stretch us beyond the once known, into the unknown, a suggested action I frequently prescribe!

Our Lives are our own. No one else’s. Do you know of someone you really enjoy being with because they are safe, happy and calm to be around? That is a exhibition of a balanced individual. Take part in their day and enjoy an hour with them and feel and watch the transition of mood or behaviours you will experience…. What does this have to do with massage therapy! Everything!

Manual pressure requires the recipient to yield in order to relax. A two way moment of progressive treatment. Injury or no injury. I push or lean, press or roll, the recipient yields by way of allowing a reciprocal continuous series of reciprocity. I give you receive, I press you yield, we exhale and then inhale… An injury requires time and a reciprocal nurturing effect to heal.

A youth being taught by me the benefits of strength and power will only know the optimal gains by way off how much he or she can relax and be still and be floppy.. That is the matched opposite of the power they so desire. Just as a arrow is loosed at the full extent of the bows arch.

Next time you book a Massage, prepare by being nutritionally mindful of what you present to me. Will your muscle sand soft tissue yield reciprocally with my maul therapy, or will the touch be too abrasive and sensitive? Either way, we will learn a new approach for next time..

Next time you book a Massage, be a new beginner to the session. In other words, turn up early in anticipation of a new feeling afterwards. That moment will never be lived again, and as we work, your response will never be replicated again… take the adventure to gain th effects in each second…. And yes falling asleep is gaining the effects. Disconnect, chat, recall the injury your encountered years ago while we navigate the healing process..

See you soon for a remedial Massage

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