We have all heard – you are what you eat. When it comes to health and giving our body and mind a resilient composition to step out into the world, the focus must go inwards. The saying you are what you eat, refers to the nutrients and minerals building and replenishing our body, resulting in collagen rich skin, ease in movement, a sharpness in thought and dialogue with your peers. 

Massage nourishes the undercurrent of fluids, and just like ringing out a dirtying wet sponge, relieves muscles, fascia, and connective tissue from the days efforts.

When we train our muscles at the gym, the muscle building or growth occurs when we rest, not when we squat, lunge pull and press. Would it not be true that massage, will enhance the efficiency of this soft tissue growing and replenishing?

Various allied health practitioners and reputable people in the health industry have concluded massage trumps stretching, a sauna, and even a cool down post workout as the best means for DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and as a tip top adjunct to recovery in general. 

In summary, our body is an ever regenerating cosmos of microorganisms, and cell conversions. When you crunch the numbers, finding professional, and effective ways to nourish this undercurrent that is quietly working away 24/7, its a no brainer to get your internal environment consistently reset and replenished.

The numbers……we grow a new heart every 15 years. We grow new red blood cells every 2-3 hours. We grow new smooth muscle tissue in our small intestine every 3-4 days. You grow new bone via osteoblasts every 7 years, and I’ll complete this blog with my favourite organ, that I personally have learnt more and more about recently, the liver. This general of all organs can have 70% cut out during surgery, and it will regrow back to almost full size within months. Alcohol effected livers aside, our lovers will be regenerate with the matrix of fluids supporting the time and rapid growth to ensure the body they inhabit, becomes ready to be their best, with out Joe, Jess or Michael, having a real conscious awareness of what is magically happening just below and to the right of their ribcage.

Book in for Nutritional consultation, a Remedial Massage, Naturopathy, or an Acupuncture session, not only to gain some time out from life, a friendly ‘all about you’ chat, but receive at varying degrees positive change to the undercurrent within….

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