The silly season has arrived!

Here are our Naturopath Brookes top tips for balance these holidays.

1. Turkey, Ham, Turducken, Oh My!

Buying free range, ethical meat and poultry is of paramount importance year round, so why is the Silly season any different? Source your meats and poultry from sustainable farms, where the produce spend their lives outside in nature. Chat with your local butcher about budget and how many mouths to feed!

2. Check the ingredients.

What’s in your store bought stuffing? Ingredients are in order of predominance, where the ingredient used most is written first, followed in descending order by the ingredients used less. Steer clear of emulsifiers, preservatives, refined sugar, processed flours and vegetable oils, or better still, make it yourself!

3. Wine, Water, Wine, Water. Repeat.

Stay hydrated! One big glass of water before bed after a big night can drastically improve hangover symptoms related to dehydration, like headaches, thirst, fatigue and dry mouth.

Iced teas and sparkling water with fruit are hydrating and refreshing in-between alcoholic beverages.

4. Full Belly tips.

Ouch! There is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable after a large meal. Sipping peppermint tea aids digestion, fennel tea aids cramping and wind pain, dandelion tea aids with fat digestion and don’t forget to pack some digestive bitters (Iberogast by Flordis is my favourite!).

5. Fill up on Fibre.

Eat those vegetables! Fibre normalises bowel motions, helps to control blood sugar levels, feeds the good bacteria in the gut. It also gives your insides a scrub, sweeping through excess hormones, harmful compounds and unhealthy fats before they have the chance to absorb.

6. Support Local.

Support your friends in small business! Small businesses improve the local economy and a family does a happy dance every time you purchase one of their wares.

7. Buy Consciously, and do your research!

Doing your research about business ethos helps you to find companies that align with your values. Fair wages, working conditions and trade are on the top of my priorities when looking for Christmas gifts. I also look for repurposed wares and sustainable materials.

My top gifts to give are crystals, pottery, glassware, linen and books. I also like items that reduce waste, like stainless steel straws and keep cups!

8. Ask for help

Asking for help cooking, cleaning up or washing up shares the load. This increases your enjoyment of the holiday period, and people do like to help!

9. Practice Gratitude for those around you.

It may be the only time each year when you get together with friends and loved ones, or you might see them all the time. Regardless, don’t forget to give thanks for another year spent with the people you love. If Christmas is a challenging time for you, talk with a friend, practice deep breathing, write in a journal or seek support from a professional.

10. Get some shut eye.

A good night’s sleep works wonders! Restrict technology use before bed, ensure you get 7-8 hours sleep each night and sip on some chamomile tea to calm a chattering mind.

For the Month of December 2019, NBIP Naturopath Brooke Crabb is donating 10% of funds from initial and follow up consultations to the Rural Fire Service who are saving our homes, our environment and our animals. If you’d like to learn more about how a Naturopath can support you, email or book in for a complimentary discovery call via the website.

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