Did you know that Jaw clenching is one of the most common secondary effects of stress? 

Temporalis Muscle Joint Disorder (TMJD) consists of tension throughout the jaw joint region and accompanying muscles. It can manifest as jaw pain, teeth grinding, headaches, earaches, limited range of motion (lock jaw), inflammation, neck pain, muscle spasms and can even cause changes in facial structure from muscle development. While teeth grinding occurs mostly during sleep, jaw clenching can happen subconsciously throughout the day, adding to the above symptoms.

Square Face Syndrome is a real thing ladies! Chronic clenching of the jaw leads to hypertrophy (fancy word for overworked) of your masseter and temporalis muscles, this causes the face to take on a masculine and square appearance. Most people go to a dermatology clinic and get botox or fillers injected into the masseter muscle to give them a softer appearing face but we obviously have a more natural alternative solution. UNCLENCH YOUR JAW! 

Okay its not that easy, or perhaps the damage has already been done and you are looking more and more like your brother or your father…then Acupuncture and Gua sha shall be your saviours (along with magnesium and relaxation techniques to de-stress ) 

Jaw clenchers / TMJD sufferers im afraid it gets worse, overworked masseter muscles not only cause facial structure changes but also one of the main causes of premature neck and chin wrinkles – SIGH 

If you happen to be unfortunate genetically in the teeth department, and you have crooked teeth and or an over bite that is the cause of your jaw clenching then you do need to go and see a dentist or orthodontist and get them to address this problem, either with a mouth guard or dental surgery, because overbites tend to cause exaggerated marionette lines, chin wrinkles and a down-turned mouth and crooked teeth result in an asymmetric smile , and dimpling of the skin. So stop putting off that trip to the dentist. 

How can we help you ? 

Acupuncture needles inserted locally in and around the jaw muscles will help relax the tight masseter and temporalis muscles, ease your stress levels , and get more circulation to the area. 

Now for our favourite part : Facial Gua Sha – Not only does gua sha smooth out fine lines and wrinkles it releases fascia, relaxes muscles , move lymph and invigorates blood flow. 

I can tell you’ve already relaxed your jaw just thinking of this! 

You can get Gua Sha’d at any acupuncture appointment you make, it’s featured heavily in Andrea’s cosmetic facials, and general acu sessions, and it’s featured heavily in Chloe’s daily treatments also. 

So don’t be in pain and don’t turn square.

For bookings visit www.nbip.com.au or call 84060679 

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