I recently sat with a body psychologist. This type of practitioner uses physical release techniques and instructs verbal output, to assist the processes of the client in their physiological health. I have known this lady for many years when I and a previous partner needed intervention into our relationship. This visit however was an informal chat into what her experiences as a BP has found in the men she has encountered and their health over the many years of her career.

It is widely known now that our men in the community are placed in roles which can see them struggle or take aversions rather than adapt to changes in family, work and the dynamics of relationships, as well as have meaningful time with themselves to restore and feel some alone time. This is a broad stroke comment. Not all men need or exhibit a void which conveys a gap in their wellbeing. Your man, or a male you know, may have a balanced perspective on life, and subsequent behaviour toward these things.

The reason for the visit was to hear what one hears behind closed doors, in an intimate situation (deep and insightful Q n A), and in a space with a professional whom is a third party or unbiased person in that males life.
Now to inject what this has to do with Remedial Massage / Bodywork Therapy. I see many males. In the first few years of my work practicing Remedial Massage, I inadvertently
found myself working on heavy weight boxers, construction workers, or males that presented themselves as tough and visibly astute and physically capable blokes. They came to me to get muscle aches sorted, and some niggles worked on (those ‘she’ll be right’ injuries now surfacing again).

I grew up with sport, played and travelled globally so this was great to help others and share relative stories. Our men are a unique demographic… they are well aware that another male just asked them to strip down to their grundies, and then as their sight was led through a face hole the sound and felt sense of oil came to bear, a new experience which quickly turned to – the reason why they were there.

I never had any uncomfortable events. The atmosphere is one thing I have always had a grip on. What, When, and How the space and impending time was spent, is an awareness that over time, built a beneficial experience of a clients valuable time, is something I declare as paramount in my services. We all do our best to enjoy everyday moments in life, or at least when we feel angry or upset, even joy, we sway out of this moment or back in at any stage, adapt to protect others, or survive ourselves, get the job done, the task complete!

When I asked the psychologist what men need or are lacking in the opinion of an industry being the mediator of relationship health and individual wellbeing, her reply was – connection. Men would be well served to share experiences in a wellbeing environment. Know that their feelings or emotions are not a deficiency in the makeup of their character. It feels good to talk of impurities or pitfalls. Regardless of the result, the words expressed are the enrichment. I had to get her impression of connection. Real connection was hearing the life’s of other men. Receiving touch from other men. That could be a hug, a Remedial Massage, joining a grappling or martial arts class, or even just hearing that life story or event and offering a soft open hand embrace on the shoulder or neck.

 I was astounded to hear that she has seen men that have not had touch since they were children. I am not a certified professional in this space, and I did not inquire at the time, but that must culminate to something longing within, or a trigger to shield or numb oneself. I always have women surpassing males as the highest ratio of clientele. I do find it enriching mostly for my personal satisfaction, to see those days when four or five men have booked in, alongside a solitary female. Genuine hand shakes, real stories, and ailments that are the result sport, sex, and stuff smiles and laughter are made off.
Book in Men – Touch and opening up is good for you..

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