Our Nutritionists advice on navigating your way through the Festive Season without restricting and feeling guilty.

I often hear clients dreading having to face all the holiday foods. All the desserts, all the rich foods, all of the whatever. We just don’t need to allow this kind of thinking to occupy our mental space. This is a time when we should enjoy the company of family and friends, go on holidays and yes, share meals together.Enjoy the holiday season without letting it stress you out. Go easy on yourself and focus less on the food and more on having fun with those you love.

1. Eat whatever you want. Just slow down and savour, taste and enjoy your choices. You will probably find you’re full earlier than you expected and it’s ok to stop eating. These foods will still be available year-round so you don’t need to eat them all today. Enjoy that dessert and don’t let your internal critic take over. It will probably cause a stress response and release cortisol which is worse for you than that serve of Christmas pudding!

2. Think ahead. Make sure you don’t arrive to a celebration starving. You’re more likely to overeat. Make sure you have a snack before you leave home. If you’re headed to a buffet lunch or dinner, stop and think about what’s available before you grab the first thing you see. The key is to avoid grazing. Make conscious choices. Take a plate and enjoy it, guilt free.

3. Breakfast. Prepare some breakfasts ahead of time so you’re not tempted to eat leftover pavlova for breakfast! Try making overnight oats, chia pudding, baked oatmeal or homemade granola bars. This way you have something on hand to start your day on the right foot. Having a healthy breakfast will help prevent overeating later in the day.

4. Mindfulness is a fantastic non-judgmental way to tune into your own body and to realize what you really like and what your body needs. You don’t need to follow along with everyone else if you don’t want to. If you don’t want to drink alcohol then don’t. If you don’t want to eat your Auntie’s pudding then don’t.

5. Temptation. It is all around, and youre only human. Allow a few indulgences, while also being kind to yourself. Avoid the binge-now and restrict-later mentality. Delicious food is always at our fingertips and Christmas is no exception. Thats something we can be grateful for this holiday season.

If you find yourself feeling guilty about your food choices or are needing help to get on track after the festive season you can book in for a consultation with our Nutritionist. bronwen@nbip.com.au

5 Ways Kinesiology Can Help You…

I am often asked why a person would see a kinesiologist.  As a Natural Therapist working in an Integrative Clinic on Sydney’s Northern Beaches I have lost count of the number of times I am asked questions about kinesiology and it’s benefits.  “What can it be used for??”  “How exactly does Kinesiology actually work?”  The range of questions can vary from, “WHY do people need to see a Kinesiologist?” to, “Does there need to be something “wrong” with me in order to reap the benefits of a kinesiology balance?”  Well the word “wrong” is relative – if “wrong” is referring to a current health issue then that is indeed a good reason to visit a  kinesiologist.  Under the guidance of a physician, Kinesiology can have a profound impact on a persons well being as it works holistically to ease the presenting symptoms as well as release stress and anxiety – an added bonus!  

Other reasons that may prompt a kinesiology consult may include a range of conditions that could be causing physical discomfort and pain such as muscle tension, jaw pain, persistent headaches, hay fever and sinus issues.  Skin issues and gut issues are also quite common in our clinic as well as a wide range of sleep issues that may be causing a host of other problems such as anxiety and depression and weight gain.  Bed wetting in small children and possibly behavioural issues as well as associated learning difficulties can also be worked with, gently pin pointing the underlying symptom for the family when a child is not responding to alternative treatments.  

But I do more often than not find people in my rooms who are searching for something but aren’t entirely sure what kinesiology can do for them and how it can help.  They may be  struggling with emotional issues but are unsure of why or what the cause is.  Sometimes they feel depressed and completely at sea.      

Statements like “I just feel flat ~ for no apparent reason”, and “I have everything, but I just don’t feel happy” are common.  Kinesiology can help to work through these issues by finding the root cause of any emotional blockages that are holding them back from living to their fullest potential.  Understandably these sessions do take a certain level of commitment from the client and although a significant part of the issue is often shifted in the first session it is ideal to commit to at least three balances to experience profound awareness and change as you, the client becomes aligned with the life you were meant to be living.  Ongoing inner work is about the journey and as we are all well aware self responsibility and self awareness takes time and patience.  As you evolve as a human being life’s challenges change and require you to show up in an entirely different way.  Therefore the more layers you peel back the closer you get to the truth of who you really are.     

Here are some examples of why a person would see a kinesiologist when the “symptoms” aren’t all that obvious: 

Being Indecisive 

Constant second guessing and indecisiveness is counterproductive in reaching any goals – big or small!  Some sessions with a kinesiologist can be immensely helpful in reaching an understanding of why and what needs to be shifted in order to start taking action!  

Goals and Dreams 

If a person has all these ideas and dreams that never materialise then this can leave them feeling unfulfilled.  Feeling unfulfilled can lead to problems in so many other areas of our lives impacting our relationships as well as our mental, emotional and spiritual health.  Sessions can assist in defining goals and taking definitive action – actual physical steps – towards making them happen, and learning to be accountable is an integral part of a kinesiology session.  Self-responsibility is key!     

Life Path and Contribution 

People often “know” their life path when they wake up to how they want to “feel” within themselves.  There is nothing more potent than when they are able to verbalise and speak their “truth”.  When we speak and hear out loud what we have been dreaming about for years – this is the first step towards making things “happen” and taking actual steps to making, creating or building whatever it is that we came here for.    

Suffering from feelings of overwhelm? 

Nobody wants to feel overwhelmed, exhausted or uninspired.  Perhaps a new strategy is required, a change of tactic?  Getting clear on how they want to feel is just the beginning.  This is how we get stuff done.  Back to basics.  “When you get clear on how you want to feel, the pursuit itself will become more satisfying.” Danielle Laporte 

Feeling Stuck 

Many of my clients express a feeling of being “lost” or “stuck” and unsure of their purpose in life.  A kinesiology session can really make a difference in answering some of those bigger questions within themselves and understanding what it is that they really want and why.  Understanding why you want something can often make the planning and details fall into place a lot easier.  “Small deliberate actions inspired by your true desires create a life you love.”  Danielle Laporte 

Kim is a qualified kinesiologist in Mona Vale and loves working with people who aspire to evolve and find their real magic.  Finding practical ways to make your life better ~ on a daily basis.  Relishing and revelling and growing and creating.  This is what we were made to do.  This is what it means to be a human.  She can’t wait to work with you.  Contact Northern Beaches Integrative Practitioners on 02 8406 0679 or book on line at www.nbip.com.au