To recap, Part 1 suggested the services I provide are a reflection of what we need internally. Balance or buffering. The idea is thrown about as an abstract belief to have a happy life and a healthy body. Find Balance.

When we have optimal balance or an immune system that has experienced enough time under a balanced environment we appear and are, strong, happy and healthy. I can resonate with this idea. Yet to obtain it and sustain it is another thing. Hence why we can lose weight, or put muscle mass on, and not keep it off or keep it on.

I want to share two scenarios of clientele I treated recently. What I will hopefully demonstrate is the vast landscape balance can look like. This is not a solution too, as much as it is a settling confidence to attain. To preface their stories, again here is a brief description of internal balance or homeostasis. What balance looks like inside of us, is an involuntary mechanism that our body orchestrates, with or without our awareness, to keep us alive. However, when we take conscious action to voluntarily ‘prepare for life’ or
assist this internal environment form a more resilient immune system and ability to perform in all areas of life….my clients muscle injuries recover quickly, their headaches diminish (or TMJ discomfort) , their sporting and activity moments in life are more fulfilling, and the overall behaviours they express in their life are a mirror of what they are inside… closer to, or – Balanced.

Client #1 – Presenting multiple muscle ‘niggles’ throughout the body. Has had them for years. He physically is athletic and from observing their character and movement, seems on top of things. He wants me to relieve muscular aches, slight but consistent headaches, and ‘fix’ shoulder and neck pain / discomfort. In his late 30’s. I will not disclose his full history, however my lifestyle recommendations, exercise protocol to manage the
work we did, and short term outlook, was a realistic and achievable ‘opposite’ of what he was exposed to in life. Seems common sense right? It is like we know if we do this, or eat that, or do that activity, the aftermath will be almost a mirror of desire to despair. satisfaction to dissatisfaction. Neither is a goal to obtain by the way, its just the manifestation of the event. What goes up must come down.. Throw a ball against the wall, how ever the velocity, it will bounce back with equal trajectory.

This is where I come in.

Client #2 – Presenting multiple afflictions in life. In other words, lots going on – resulting in lower back pain (SIJ and muscular soreness), malaise and lethargy, however enjoys her exercise and likes the group connection. Wants to experience a great Remedial Massage and get some advice on feeling better, and clearing recurring injuries.

To share with this client the advice I feel will assist her current disposition in life, there is no opportunity evident to ‘rock the boat’ too much. To suggest the description of what a theoretical advancement in health looks like, will only unsettle an already full load. The next step is to show her without excess, and through her own volition within her current lifestyle, what the balance feels like, even for a moment. From there, establish
a small and unique feeling by changing her physiology (breathing techniques, physical relieving and balancing movements, and sharing verbal tips to recognise the moments when to counterbalance the afflictions – as much as she can and as best as she can).

Both these scenarios, and all clientele presenting conditions in differing degrees, I have unique individual approach toward each. One thing that helps me as a blueprint to connect with the individual to ascertain where their physiology is at, is a belief set by neuroscientist Dr Alan Watkins, whom works with and trains CEO’s, and high performers. It is the tiered protocol which suggests physiology as the foundation which
leverages us to to better performance, and healing. Both these two clients have been thinking and then acting a certain way which they know has resulted in the actual sum of habits, giving them each pain,
discomfort and a less than fulfilling lifestyle. When this protocol is talked about, then woven into their current lifestyle, with small achievable additions to their life offered, balance has started.

Thank you for taking the time to read this – see how you can notice balance in your day. Inside and Outside. For a Remedial Massage in Mona Vale – call 8406 0679

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