Gaining an advantage in life is desirable. These moments happen regularly throughout our lifetime, in different degrees of action potential. Advantages can sprout from opportunity. We are told to take our opportunities when they arise. They can lead us down a path, that when you look back into our past, have delivered a content life or created a valuable asset in relationships or material benefit.

An advantage is a moment when the body feels a little lighter, you spring into the day, the surroundings seems a little fresher, and our self esteem may also expand with positive affirmation due to that feeling we are getting ahead, making progress, and simply winning!

Then the tide turns! The inevitable lull period occurs. Our honeymoon stage is over. The reality of life sets in. A tragedy, a stressful moment, an illness disrupts and deflates the pleasant space we were once in. These, in equal amounts and degrees – or more depending on your luck – match the positive or fun periods.

So the stage is set. You understand that there are good and bad times. Enjoy this moment of bliss, because it will not last forever. Do you notice the contrast? Can you see how the nature of life does have organic ebb and flow? This is why the body has built in buffering systems to keep us well.

Our blood, saliva, stomach acids all have buffering systems to counter stress, pathogens (outside microscopic nasties). When one muscle contracts, the opposite lengthens. When we exhale, we will inhale immediately afterwards. When the heart pumps, the blood vessels expand (dilate) then constrict. We function on equal planes of opposite directions.

This is where I champion my business, Remedial Massage. I have come to a stage in my career and through many experiences now realise that the body will perform and gain the ultimate advantage when we respect the buffering systems within us, feel what the ebb is and now how the flow will look, or vice versa. I have chosen a level ground to approach many of life occurrences. If you want to know more, search on You Tube The Story of The Chinese Farmer. This narrates a basic concept of what Im talking about and how I teach or recommend solutions to my clients.

My clients understand that to stay ahead of injuries, or to recover quicker when one does happen, that they book in a Remedial Massage as a adjunct investment to their lifestyle. I have learnt that everyone has various lifestyle challenges. My service is to accompany them in those challenges.

To teach the mind and body to bend not brake. To see the buffering systems in the haze. The opportunity to book and receive a Remedial Massage wherever you are in the world, is your chance to gain an advantage that works with your physiology more than you now.

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