One thing that became quite apparent early on as I was studying kinesiology was that it wasn’t so much about getting well and finding “healing”, but more about releasing what was no longer serving me. I don’t know many people who don’t want to release some or other memory from their past. The tricky part, is how do you let something go that effects you on a daily basis, to the point that you feel like you’re reliving the event over and over again?

“When you think from your past memories, you can only create past experiences.” Joe Dispenza

Dr Joe Dispenza talks about past experiences or memories as being a “kind of record”. If it was one that you reacted to in fear and anger for example – it stands to reason that this past response programs your future response. So, everytime you think about that event, you are stewing in the biochemical remnants of that event’s emotions. So over and over again we are having those physical responses (a churning stomach, a pounding heart) to the event (in the present), which we then choose to label – anger, frustration – and finally embody so that people begin to notice how “bitter” or angry we’ve become. Now begins the downward spiral of how this “state of being” begins to attract more of the same into our lives. Have you ever noticed how you start your day is pretty much how it ends? When you start your day out feeling angry and frustrated, more often than not you are going to find many more reasons to feel angry. Affirming to us that the world is indeed a dark and cruel place, filled with incompetent people who make us feel “frustrated”.

That’s because your brain is programmed to look for more of the same. The brain is going to look for something to create those same emotions – because that has become your identity. Thoughts become feelings – become emotions – become your natural state of being.

This is not to say that emotions are bad. The real question to ask yourself is how long you want to allow that emotion to go on for. Because when you really get down to it, most people just want to be free – free from being slaves to their body’s addiction to creating more and more of the same. So how do we go about changing how we feel and breaking this endless loop?

It is possible that Kinesiology can be an incredibly powerful tool in helping you identify and resolve past issues that may be holding you back from living a full and happy life. One of the main reasons a person ends up in my office is due to pain or some or other health issue that conventional practices have been unable to resolve. They haven’t made the connection between mind and body -that the reason they are in pain is due to the trauma and the emotions revisited again and again which is now locked into their physical body and thus creating the physical symptoms they are now living with. By assessing and upgrading a persons performance in ALL areas of life, kinesiology can use techniques to shift long standing issues held within the persons system, thus releasing and then reprogramming long standing beliefs, thoughts and emotions. As kinesiologists we treat the body as a multidimensional, (wholistic) creation, with an innate ability to heal. We use this innate ability to shift past blockages and sabotages to start taking the necessary steps towards making your health goals a reality.

So what I say to clients is this: if we can get to the “root” cause ~ now your body can do what it is innately programmed to do. Now you are in a state where your body can do what it is biochemically and energetically designed to do – heal and repair.

“A memory without the emotional charge is called wisdom.” Dr Joe Dispenza

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