According to the International Journal of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork; ‘ massage is the largest complementary medicine profession in Australia, in terms of public utilisation, practitioner distribution, and number of practitioners’

….. so we ( massage therapists, whom provide sports, relaxation, lymphatic, remedial and other modals of bodywork ) are far and wide across the country. We can be found within sporting clubs, as sole small businesses, shopping malls, and multidisciplinary medical clinics. It seems we keenly stretch our versatility amongst all demographic of society.

Why is society choosing Massage and Bodywork as their most preferred source of complementary medicine? I have seen over 400 clients on the table, and the top three reasons for booking have been; stress relief, injury pain/discomfort relief, and injury rehabilitation (in conjunction with). Then if you take the individual situations, variations in medical/injury history, and of course the unique genetic ‘perfect imperfections’, we as Massage Therapists provide a valuable path into healing and recovery for performance and general wellbeing.

So it is fair to say after presenting that information, that what we offer is needed in the past, now, and in the future. You can also imagine the range of ages, reasons for booking, and ailments presented when the therapist actually deciphers the reasons.
For me, a Remedial Therapist of 10 years, Exercise Coach of 12 years, and ultimately a Modern Wellbeing Consultant, the interpretation of what most of us want for our family machine to run going forward, for our personal health and for that personal health to leverage an occasional big goal, is a sense of balance and wellbeing. I like to call that The Anchor which ;

– is a self identity point where one can start from or return to, in an effort to be one’s best, to train hard or withstand stressful events. ( i can find your Anchor Point )

–  to grasp a sense of self – who am I – what do I need – what is my body telling me! (contact me to discuss what this means to you )

I believe through my REAL BENEFITS OF REMEDIAL MASSAGE, a person will discover ;

what ails them ( what has disrupted their equilibrium or averted them from tending to it )

their anchor ( how to rest and enhance recovery. And too, to understand how best to gain the most from sleep, the breath, and optimal training cycles )

–  goals to push for given what you present physically, emotionally and mentally. ( this is the performance, the play, the hopefully seamless and joyful expression of what you have built within, through repetition of good stress like multiple sources of different movement, and the sum of habits like food choices and finding a rhythmic cycle in your values, and sleep / wake ratio that works for you )

or to simply learn the art of ‘letting’ for that one moment in the day.. ( letting is defined as to allow or permit. A behaviour many defer. )

In our modern world, we do have many influences that offer us what they feel our perspective should look like, and what to spend time, money and energy on. The aforementioned will help you understand that offered trend, sales pitch, or product. Its the gut feeling notion. The gut brain connection… And there is new research to claim the heart is also wedded in the connection

My body, your body is always ebbing and flowing, pulsing and pumping, contracting and relaxing to ensure it’s systems and the many calibrating requirements to keep us alive, occur on time and in cooperation with adjacent tissues, or neurological functions all while our thoughts, desires and subsequent actions take us forward, backward or metaphorically sideways in life!

To complete my synopsis of REAL MASSAGE BENEFITS, and how it fits with you, we need to delve under the skin and into the matrix of fluids, soft tissue, hard bones and somewhere-in-the-middle tendons, cartilage and ligaments which all culminate to form the wonderful You. The one and only, never to be replicated You… ( all the You talk is very important and will be part of a title for the next blog. )

All the sum of our parts form to make us feel, be and react to life. Its too complex to cover now. And for the lay person, it is only safe and secure to know that what goes up must come down. We are pretty sure gravity is real. So if you think gravity is essentially an easy concept to view, then the complex science of physics and a ball going up then down, are akin to the bodies systems enabling us to perform then heal, with balance or knowing what your Anchor Point is.

The inside ( homeostasis ) and outside ( your external environmental stimulus ) of our body in a nutshell.

Now as I quieten down….. where does all that fit in with massage.
If we recall all that ebb and flow, yin yang talk – remember that always happens to us, even when we sleep. What massage does is manually create the same effect. It enhances the cleansing and recalibrating requirements via your therapist administering a range of techniques which change the arrangement of fluids and soft tissue and consequently balance your gravitational loading as you peel yourself off the table and glide, or plod out of the clinic.

Find me readily available 0425315301 to answer your questions or help you feel where your Anchor Point. Your Home! Your Springboard!

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