Prevention is better than the Cure…. these might be the most recognised collection of words to associate with personal health care and personal wellbeing. When we apply these words and its intention on a gross level to healing, most of us can understand its relevance.

These examples are…no brainers! to reduce the chances of getting many types of cancer, one may stop or reduce smoking cigarettes. to reduce the chances of getting many types of cancer, one may stop or reduce drinking alcohol… these are best adhered to while we are in developing adolescent years, however at any stage is advantageous to better health and a more enriching life.

To build self confidence and competency, one will complete many hours driving a vehicle before they are socially able to drive free from restrictions, compared to most road users.
So it is clear to see, in many facets of life, we prepare to reduce the chances, or avoid the known circumstances that we do not desire. A simple and empowering antidote right?
We are living in a modern world where by we are noticing more PREVENTABLE diseases than ever before cause major illness or death. The kiss of death, albeit a slow one, is the factual statistics behind the notion that now we are living longer than ever before, yet the quality of life is reduced during those years.

My commitment to Remedial Therapy began of the coattails of the Sydney 2000 Olympics. The popularity of Manual Therapy arose mainly after this event. Globally however, healing through bodywork has been successfully occurring in many countries, over multiple centuries, with very specific techniques and approaches to how therapists belief the body or person will feel better and balanced. Recalling this moment back when I first started, Massage was for athletes and sportspeople to keep them in shape for their events and optimise physical performance. The everyday person did not know about it, or think it was for them. Fast track to 2018, most people have experienced some form of bodywork therapy. The experience, different each time. The reasons for making an appointment are many.

So two questions I get most often is , ‘When should I come back ‘? and, ‘What should I be doing in between appointments ‘?… before we explore these questions, lets come back to the quote and its variations – Prevention is better than the Cure.
A stitch in time saves nine. It is better and more useful to meet a problem in time than to seek a remedy after the damage is done, And lastly, we will reference Sun Tzu. 6th Century China, military strategist, Sun Tzu is well know for his book The Art of War. Used by corporate executives, people in leadership rolls, and of course by war and military generals over hundreds of years, to get the edge over their competition. What I use for my clients, is an approach very similar. Sun Tzu’s philosophy on how to decisively defeat one’s opponent, and It’s more prudent to head off a disaster beforehand than to deal with it after it occurs, are words I associate with my clients to get their edge in life, and get them healing quicker. Back to those two questions; ‘When should I come back ‘? and, ‘What should I be doing in between appointments ‘?
With the preventive nature of healing in mind, I allow these questions to get almost answered without me telling my client. In that 60 or 90min on the table, it is enough time to get an understanding of what battle my client is in. Are they disassociated from their body / teacher, have they an army of support, have they artillery such as time, concentration, history of movement and stress adaptation etc, and do I need to coach them on that… long have they held this injury for or more deeply, if we are the ‘sum of our habits’ ( to which refers to the state of the mind and body after a period of time, it moulds into a conditioned state ) and how much exposure have you had to that stress (physical, mental, environmental, emotional )… it can be comprehensively enlightening..

See more about this at Paul Chek – How To Eat Move and BE Healthy / Katy Bowman – Move Your DNA

So are you booking in your Nutritionist, your Kinesiologist, your Naturopath, or Acupuncturist at NBIP and asking ‘ How can I prevent these larger problems occurring ‘ ? OR ‘What are the signs to meet the problem before its gets catastrophic’ ? We cant prevent acute falls or tragic events to which our body was taken by surprise, but we can build a constitution, that responses well to healing. I deliver more than adequate hands. The discussions however long are matched with what you and your body needs.. Discovering the real means of health investment, has been used similarly in business, military warfare, and I am sure your children right now are adapting their developing
brains toward how can I get out of this, or how will I divert the attention away to get what I need.. If it was apt practice for a 6th century military practice, it can be the same good practice for a mother, or father, an athlete or weekend warrior.. I look forward to understanding your bodies needs with you, to get the best out of what you thought was not possible, or did not view before.

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