The terms ‘vegan’ and ‘plant based’ are often used interchangeably. However, there is a distinct difference. Veganism encompasses more than just a way of eating, it’s a life choice that involves not using any animal products in your diet, for your clothing, your body care products etc., and avoiding products tested on animals. For the purpose of focusing  on diet, ‘plant based’ and ‘vegan’ fall along the same lines, both abstaining from eating animal products and instead eating plant foods in their most natural forms. (I know some vegans can get caught up in processed food and vegan treats) so for this post I’m calling it a ‘plant based vegan diet’.

The plant based vegan diet (PBVD) has many benefits and more people are becoming aware of them. The PBVD has a higher volume of foods that are protective against a variety of cancers. People consuming this diet usually have a lower BMI and a reduced risk of obesity, lower cholesterol and blood pressure. PBVDs lower your risk of developing chronic disease such as type 2 diabetes and can decrease cell damage and inflammation.

 There are published studies that show women in countries where they eat very little meat and animal products have much lower rates of breast cancer. Studies into men with prostate cancer have also shown that early intervention with a vegan diet can result in a reversal or decrease in the progression of the cancer. There have also been several studies that show people following a vegan diet live on average 3-6 years longer than those who are not.

Meeting your nutritional and caloric requirements on a PBVD is about planning and understanding what your body needs. People who find they do not thrive are usually the ones who have not done their research or sought professional help to make sure they are covering all of their macro and micronutrient requirements. If you are consuming a wide variety and a large enough quantity of plant foods your nutritional needs can easily be met.

Other benefits of the PBVD include increased energy, clearer skin, reduction in PMS, allergies and migraines. With all of these benefits it’s no wonder people are switching to a plant based vegan diet at rates never previously seen.

More information and research is becoming available almost daily on the benefits of the PBVD. If you are interested in adopting this way of eating or you are already eating this way, but you’re not sure you are meeting all of your dietary requirements than contact me on

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