Most people begin the New Year with wonderful intentions of this year reaching their goals. Well the 1 st of the 1 st is a great numerological start as one’s are our prime movers and new beginnings, but the reality is that most New Year’s resolutions generally fizzle out by the time we have reached February!

The reason this happens, is because these changes we have decided on making this year have actually been hanging around for sometime but have been ‘waiting’ for an excuse – Ah ha – the New Year!

So this year, rather than having a list as long as your arm how about starting by looking at what limitations have prevented you from making these changes in your life prior to now?

These could be – energetic, mental, emotional, spiritual or a misbelief? Once recognized, you then need to take responsibility, of the fact, that at some level, consciously or unconsciously you have created this limitation, because you are the powerful creators of your own life.

To create change you have to be aware of the fact that intentionally or unintentionally you are currently at this place in your live due to your past choices and actions.

So before you go any further grab your list of New Year resolutions and without self judgment work out what you can change to enable your new goals to be reached and fulfilled this year.

Once you work this out, you can then put changes into process and you will start working seriously towards your goals for this year.
We would love to hear from you so please keep us posted on your progress. or if you need some deeper work on achieving your goals book a session with Sheila by calling 02 8406 0679 or visiting our site

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